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Gran'pa Jack#4
Gun Control is Racist!

by Richard W. Stevens & Aaron Zelman

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This new booklet boldly exposes the ugly secret of "gun control." It firmly plants the pro-liberty position on the moral high ground. How? By telling the truth. "Gun Control" is not just another modem, misguided policy idea. The debate over "gun control" is not about personal opinions where "reasonable minds can differ." "Gun Control" is no more debatable today than is Negro slavery - because the slavery culture created American "gun control." You must seize this opportunity to push "gun control" advocates into their evil corner. Challenge them to explain why they support laws that, in origins and effects, are racist. If a gun prohibitionist refuses to address the issue, then you can "tar and feather" him or her in newspapers, magazines, talk shows, flyers, town meetings, and the Internet. You have the truth - you have the sledgehammer - have the courage to use it now. "Gun Control Is Racist" smashes the deceitful arguments about permits, "sporting purposes," waiting periods, licensing, registration, "Saturday Night Specials, " and ammunition limits. The evil spawn of slavery, oppression and racism, "gun control" laws arose for one purpose: to keep Black people defenseless, so that they could be enslaved and oppressed. The truth is out, and we must act now! For years the gun prohibitionists ridiculed us peaceful, non-violent gun owners. Remember? They called us racists, cultists, Neanderthals, macho wannabes, stupid hicks, extremists, gun nuts, fascists, etc. They smeared us just to discredit our views and disarm us. But the opposite is true - yesterday's draft-dodgers, college protesters and hippies have become today's racist pigs!

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