Will "Gun Control" Make You Safer?


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Gran'pa Jack #6 Cover

Gran'pa Jack #6
Will "Gun Control" Make You Safer?

by Aaron Zelman

Gran’pa Jack Pulverizes “Gun Control” Myths

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Dear JPFO Member:

Imagine one million Gran'pa Jack booklets. Passed around, they reach and educate two to three million more people. That is a lot of Americans getting our message.

We're over halfway to reaching that number, now that Gran'pa Jack #6 is here. That's right, there are over 500,000 copies of the six booklets in print. We can reach the goal of one million copies very quickly – and Gran'pa Jack #6 is the vehicle to do it.

In this new booklet, Gran'pa Jack asks: Will "gun control" make you safer?

This new booklet is perfect for today's hectic society where people have very little time to read or do critical thinking about freedom issues. Gran'pa Jack #6 makes it easy.

We designed "Will 'Gun Control' Make You Safer?" to reach people who are confused by deceptive "gun control" ideology. Personal and family safety is on everyone's mind. If we can reach these people, then we can win many of them to our side.

Politicians of all stripes will be voicing their opinions about "gun control" this year. So the timing for this booklet is perfect. There is no better time to get out the facts that expose and pulverize the lies and myths of the "gun control" ideology.

To help us reach the one million mark before year's end, here is what you can do today:

1. Read the new booklet "Will 'gun control' Make You Safer?" right now! It's easy, it's fast, it's fun.

2. Make a list of people who you want to give this booklet. Don't forget members of the police and military. Local civic and activist groups also can benefit by reading and distributing this booklet.

3. Place your order today for a big supply of booklets -- and get a free gift. To celebrate getting one million Gran'pa Jack booklets into circulation before year's end, JPFO is giving away copies of The Mitzvah, Dial 911 and Die and "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny (a direct comparison between Nazi and American gun laws).

Here is how the giveaway works:

Option A: Buy 150 or more Gran'pa Jack booklets (your choice) and get either a free copy of The Mitzvah or Dial 911 and Die, OR

Option B: Buy 250 or more Gran'pa Jack booklets (your choice) and get a copy of "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny and either The Mitzvah or Dial 911 and Die. You get a nearly $30.00 book value free as a thank you for helping Gran'pa Jack reach the one million copies milestone.

Order and distribute these booklets and you are helping to keep freedom alive, educating people about "gun control" lies and helping to secure your right to keep and bear arms. Packed with facts, these books and booklets are enjoyable reading and make great gifts. Our supply of free books is limited -- first come, first served -- so take advantage of the offer while they are still available.

For every million copies in circulation, we reach 2-3 million people. Just imagine the impact of having 3-5 million Gran'pa Jack booklets in circulation. That number could reach 6 to 10 million readers or more.

Once we get a million copies in circulation, the next million won't be as tough. Bypassing the major media is a key benefit -- these booklets get the facts directly into the hearts and minds of the people. Gun owners using these tools can get some control over the terms of the debate. When Americans everywhere understand the truth, "gun control" can be totally destroyed.

Gran'pa Jack is a bargain! These booklets represent one of the lowest priced and best possible uses of your pro-liberty dollars. Not only do you get a lot of quality product, but you also know exactly how that money is spent. You know where the booklets are going ... because you deploy them!

Yours for liberty,

Aaron Zelman

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