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February 1, 2000

Showdown with the United Nations -- Your Rights In the Balance

Do you agree with some or all of the following statements about the United Nations:

(1) The United Nations can serve a useful function by providing a forum for diplomats to communicate on international issues, and the U.N. can help as a peacekeeper between formerly warring nations as well as coordinate international humanitarian relief.

(2) Americans increasingly "see the U.N. aspiring to establish itself as the central authority of a new international order of global laws and global governance. This is an international order the American people will not countenance."

(3) "The American people will never accept the claims of the United Nations to be the sole source of legitimacy on the use of force in the world."

(4) "No U.N. institution ... is competent to judge the foreign policy and national security decisions of the United States."

(5) "If the U.N. seeks ... to impose the U.N.'s power and authority over nation-states, I guarantee that the United Nations will meet stiff resistance from the American people."

(6) "No [U.N.] treaty or law can ever supersede the Constitution of the United States of America."

These six statements formed part of the remarks that Senator Jesse Helms (R-N.C) delivered to the U.N. Security Council on January 21. If you agree with some or all of these six statements, then you’ll find yourself up against the Clinton administration.

Scrambling to preserve the U.S. position of subservience to the U.N., Secretary of State Madeleine Albright publicly repudiated Senator Helms’ views on limiting U.N. power and influence on January 24. Ms. Albright herself told the Security Council:

"Let me be clear. Only the president and the executive branch can speak for the United States. Today, on behalf of the president, let me say that the Clinton administration and I believe that most Americans see our role in the world and our relationship to [the U.N.] quite differently than does Senator Helms."

The Secretary of State continued, stating that "we strongly support the United Nations Charter which we helped to write. We want to strengthen it through continued reform and we recognize its many contributions to our own interest in a more secure, democratic and humane world."

Apparently the current administration views the U.N. as an ally ... and that means we Americans are in deep trouble. Do you know about the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights? The Universal Declaration sets forth the socialist vision of the projected one-world government -- and almost completely nullifies the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Which among our precious rights does the U.N. least support? You guessed it ... the fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms. In fact, agencies under the U.N. umbrella are moving to control "small arms" in member nations ... that means global "gun control." National governments that oppose firearms ownership are working to disarm citizens and victims worldwide.

Get the facts about U.N. global "gun control" from JPFO, and then inform everyone you can. Order the Gran’pa Jack booklet entitled "The United Nations is Killing Your Freedoms." ($3.00 postage paid, quantity discounts available.)

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For a more in-depth explanation of how the U.N. Universal Declaration destroys the U.S. Bill of Rights, call and order the Spring and Fall 1998 back issues of the Firearms Sentinel. Use the new U.N. poster to visually communicate the warning -- check it out at To multiply the power of your outreach, buy four (4) U.N. posters and you will get the Gran’pa Jack U.N. booklet free.

Learn the truth and educate your fellow Americans. Your rights and your future depend upon it!


(1) Helms warns U.N. Security Council, Henry Lamb,, January 22, 2000.

(2) Albright disavows Helms’ Statement, Dafna Linzer, The Washington Times, January 25, 2000.


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