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2019 Alerts

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2019 Alerts

February 15th 2019   Creeping Incrementalism

February 13th 2019   Arizona ranked BOTH best AND worst for guns?

February 12th 2019   Enough is Enough

February 8th 2019   Proposed illegal gun ban by Pittsburgh's Mayor

February 6th 2019   It Is Time for America to Awaken

February 5th 2019   Do Guns Cause Adolescents to Commit Suicide?

February 4th 2019   Assault Speech and Hate Weapons- the media spin that would make Orwell proud

February 1st 2019   Illinois doubles down on "stupid"

January 30th 2019   Science, Fantasy, and Superstition- 'Gun-Control' Fails the Evidence Test

January 29th 2019   Growing number of churches want armed security

January 28th 2019   Disarming the Defenders- Socialist Politicians Sacrifice our Children in "Gun-Free" Zones

January 25th 2019   Slate: Kavanaugh's " Expansive View of the 2A" Signals a "Constitutional Revolution"

January 23rd 2019   Too easy to legally buy a gun? U.S. study says few criminals buy them in stores

January 22nd 2019   BREAKING: SCOTUS Grants Cert to NY State Rifle & Pistol Assn. v. NYC Gun Rights Case

January 21st 2019   Where do These Gun-Lies Come From?

January 18th 2019   Boston Mayor Wants to Mandate Doctors to ask if Patients own Guns

January 16th 2019   Senator: Lawmakers Should Pass Tests Before Writing Gun Laws

January 15th 2019   Let's Prepare for Current Anti-Gun Political Situation

January 14th 2019   Universal Background Checks Don't Work, so Why Do We Want More of Them?

January 11th 2019   Feinstein's New Assault Weapons Ban Bill Is Worse Than Ever

January 9th 2019   Politics Kills Kids Again, safety report from Parkland FL

January 8th 2019   Second Amendment Rally against "gun control" in Downtown Pittsburgh

January 7th 2019   Civil Rights Rally in Pittsburgh is The High Road

January 4th 2019   Some New Gun Laws of 2019

January 2nd 2019   Rights Are Not Negotiable

January 1st 2019   Dumbest Gun Laws Of 2018

(Late alerts from 2018)

December 31st 2018   The Good News Review of 2018 for Gun Owners

December 28th 2018   Bipartisan Gun Confiscation Support Continues

December 26th 2018   Gun "buyback" Secret: Offer more than Market Value

December 24th 2018   New York State Demands Insurance.. for Me but Not for Thee

December 21st 2018   The Legal Medical Marijuana Guns Travesty

December 20th 2018   Stand With JPFO in 2019 to Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

December 19th 2018   Trump administration moves to ban bump stocks

December 18th 2018   Third Circuit: Second Amendment called a Second Rate Right

December 17th 2018   Feel-Good Laws are Getting Us Killed..and it's our fault.

December 14th 2018   Don't Forget Bill Of Rights Day: Dec. 15

December 12th 2018   Republican Rep. Introduced "Minority Report" Gun Confiscation Bill

December 11th 2018   SCOTUS Grants Cert in Case That Could End Deference to Regulatory Agencies

December 10th 2018   'Gun-Control' Fails in California ... and We Lose

December 7th 2018   NJ - Magazine Restriction Goes Even Further

December 5th 2018   A Jew with guns and no apologies

December 4th 2018   Scary Anti-Gun Legislation Proposed in New York

December 3rd 2018   Should We Leave Our Schools and Churches Unprotected?

November 30th 2018   'Gun Control' Fails New Jersey

November 28th 2018   Using Anti-Semitism Is Standard -- Get Used To It!

November 27th 2018   How to Fight Corporate 'Gun Control'

November 26th 2018   Big Steps to Prevent Attacks at School

November 23rd 2018   John Lott On Why Mass Shooters Go To Gun Free Zones

November 21st 2018   Are Mainstream Media Promoting Murder or Working to Stop It?

November 20th 2018   Killing You Softly with Words- Judge Approves Seattle Gun Storage Law

November 19th 2018   Two Executive Second Amendment Actions Available to President?

November 16th 2018   Dealing with Social Stigmatization of the Second Amendment

November 14th 2018   G-d and Guns in the Synagogue

November 13th 2018   What the Versailles Treaty Teaches about 'Gun Control'

November 12th 2018   What Truly Caused the Pogrom of 1938

November 9th 2018   Anniversary of Kristallnacht

November 7th 2018   After Pittsburgh attack, course offers gun training against shooters in synagogues

November 6th 2018   Why I Came To Synagogue With A Baseball Bat On The Sabbath

November 5th 2018   Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder- citizens save lives before the police arrive

November 2nd 2018   'Gun Control' Fails Again at the Pittsburgh Synagogue

November 1st 2018   Is Your Right To Defend Yourself Revocable?


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