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2016 Alerts

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2016 Alerts

December 23rd 2016   A Right To Arms

December 21st 2016   Ninth Circuit Overturns ruling on Second Amendment Waiting Period

December 20th 2016   Gun Manufacturers: Why Pay for Advertisements When Hollywood Pushes Our Guns for Free

December 19th 2016   Sale - Discounted JPFO T-shirts clearance

December 16th 2016   Five facts that 'gun control' advocates hate

December 15th 2016   Celebrating Bill of Rights Day, Dec 15th

December 14th 2016   Why Do "Progressives" Oppose Self-Defense?

December 13th 2016   Fight over guns at Fort Worth Zoo not over

December 12th 2016   YOKO -- OHNO!

December 9th 2016   Criminals Fear Death More than Arrest in Chicago

December 7th 2016   Bigotry Against Gun Owners, and why guns are not like cars

December 6th 2016   MO: Bill Introduced to Hold Gun Free Zone Owners Liable for Damages

December 5th 2016   A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested In Gun Ownership

December 2nd 2016   Campus Carry Reform is Advancing. This is Why

November 30th 2016   Would Campus Carry Have Made A Difference At Ohio State?

November 29th 2016   How President Trump can Defang Federal Gun Free Zones

November 28th 2016   Are Guns Legal in Your Town, but Not Next Door?

November 25th 2016   ATF: Gun Purchases Barred Even for 'Legalized' Marijuana Use

November 23rd 2016   The "Trump-Effect" Ends Gun Free Zones Before He Even Takes Office

November 22nd 2016   Using Amnesty to Roll Back Second Amendment Infringements

November 21st 2016   Form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record Has Been Revised

November 18th 2016   Washington State - Thousands of Gun Crimes go Unpunished

November 16th 2016   Baltimore OKs ban of replica guns

November 15th 2016   This 19-Year-Old Made a Fingerprint Lock Smart Gun

November 14th 2016   Mark Kelly Is In an Anti-Gun Low Orbit

November 11th 2016   A Resounding Vote Against Due Process and the Second Amendment

November 9th 2016   Five Fast Gun Reforms President Trump Will Sign Into Law

November 8th 2016   John Lott Calls Out CNN For Their Distortion of Firearm Death Rates

November 7th 2016   You Hate Gun Control, and the Media Didn't Tell You

November 4th 2016   Hillary: Impose Gun Control by Judicial Fiat

November 2nd 2016   Texas: No Incidents at UTEP with two months of Campus Carry

November 1st 2016   Missoula, Montana Highlights the Inanity of "Universal Background Checks"

October 31st 2016   Are These Robots the Future of Gun Control?

October 28th 2016   What does 'a well-regulated militia' really mean?

October 26th 2016   LA Times Ignores Evidence, Claims 'Microstamping' Requirement Would Help Solve Crimes

October 25th 2016   Study Shows Criminals Buy Guns On The Street To Avoid Gun Shows And Internet Sales

October 24th 2016   Egg on the face

October 24th 2016   In the face of clear evidence, retail store chooses cowardice

October 21st 2016   Pastor: Nothing Wrong with Carrying Guns 'This Side of Heaven'

October 19th 2016   Court rules no guns for medical pot card holders

October 18th 2016   Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: Lock Up Toddlers!

October 17th 2016   Mexico Looking At The Second Amendment?

October 14th 2016   Got Buyback? Here's the Simplest Homemade Pistol

October 12th 2016   Legislative Update Oct. 4, 2016

October 11th 2016   Latest Smart Gun Prototype Has Some Pretty Dumb Flaws

October 10th 2016   Chicago Crime Continues to Spiral Out of Control

October 7th 2016   Billionaires Buying the Laws They Want- They've done it before!

October 5th 2016   State Police Illegally Ties Drivers License To Carry Permits Violating the Law

October 4th 2016   Feds Visit Gun Show Parking Lots, Scan License Plates...Again

October 3rd 2016   Tennessee Gun Control Group Spreads Bad Data to Push Anti-gun Agenda

September 30th 2016   Police chiefs group decides to oppose California's gun control ballot proposition

September 28th 2016   Bogus Editorial Goes After Gun Owners

September 27th 2016   Seems Gun Laws Don't Apply if You Advocate For Gun Control

September 26th 2016   Sheriff David Clarke: 'Being Scared Is Not Enough,' Get a Gun to 'Fight Back'

September 23rd 2016   Charlotte NAACP Leader Supports Open Carry, Second Amendment

September 22nd 2016   31st Annual National Gun Rights Policy Conference This Weekend in Tampa

September 21st 2016   Gun rights debate returns to Washington courtroom

September 20th 2016   Guess How The Minnesota Mall Terrorist Was Stopped From Stabbing Even More People

September 19th 2016   New York Times - hates MO constitutional carry

September 16th 2016   Obama Seeks Ratification of UN Arms Trade Treaty Before Leaving Office

September 14th 2016   BREAKING: Katie Couric Sued for $12 Million For Defamation In Anti-Gun Documentary

September 13th 2016   Gun ownership is up in America. So why isn't the media telling you about it?

September 12th 2016   Appeals Court: Non-Serious Convictions Do Not Permanently Erase Right to Keep, Bear Arms

September 9th 2016   A new legal assault on firearm makers: Some guns may be dangerous

September 8th 2016   FBI: US Homicide Rate at 51-Year Low

September 7th 2016   Brady Campaign Goes Into Hysterics Pushing Gun Control As Congress Returns From Recess

September 6th 2016   Put Serial Numbers on Bullets to Fight Chicago Gun Violence

September 2nd 2016   ATF Reclassifies Wetted Nitrocellulose as Explosive Materials Under Federal Laws

August 31st 2016   TX AG Sues to Allow Guns in Courthouse Complex

August 30th 2016   Where Do Criminals Get Their Guns?

August 29th 2016   Gun Control Lessons for Morons

August 26th 2016   Smart Gun Technology -- a Dumb Idea

August 24th 2016   Venezuela crushes 2,000 guns in public, plans registry of bullets

August 23rd 2016   6-Time Olympic Shooting Medalist Says Gun Control Is 'Killing Our Sport'

August 22nd 2016   Disarming Good Guys Does Not Disarm Bad Guys

August 19th 2016   "Common Sense" Gun Control Debunked! (Man-On-Street)

August 17th 2016   Chicago Police Chief Can't Say the "G" Word After 52 Weekend Shootings

August 16th 2016   How to drive up gun sales - more 'gun control' laws

August 15th 2016   107 Gun Felons Forgiven, Amid Calls for Stricter Gun Control

August 12th 2016   Texas attorney general says professors face discipline if they ban guns

August 10th 2016   Despite increased public support, R.I. lawmakers fail to restrict guns

August 9th 2016   Libertarian VP Wants to Ban Guns; Rifles are "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

August 8th 2016   Switzerland sees gun sales soar after terror attacks

August 5th 2016   More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines

August 3rd 2016   'Gun Control' Fail: Germany Has 4 Illegal Guns for Every Registered Firearm

August 2nd 2016   "Gun Control" -- Apple style

August 1st 2016   "What the ATF REALLY Wants... (a list of all gun owners)

July 29th 2016   Critics shoot holes in widely cited gun study

July 27th 2016   Gun Stores Face Financial Ruin over Massachusetts 'Assault Weapons' Ban

July 26th 2016   A Pro-Freedom Playbook for Gun Owners

July 25th 2016   Clinton Delegate Explains How Democrats Will Ban All Guns

July 22nd 2016   Slate Writer asks for Facts on Guns and Gun Law Coverage

July 21st 2016   Ginsburg Once Again Shares Her Intent to Overturn Heller

July 20th 2016   Proctor City Council - 2A resolution update details

July 19th 2016   Second Amendment Shredding?

July 18th 2016   Bastille Day bloodbath proves that "gun control" advocates are liars

July 15th 2016   Senator Murphy Reveals "Slippery Slope" Strategy on ABC's "This Week"

July 13th 2016   Congressional Staffers Refuse To Put Gun-Free Zone Signs On Their Property

July 12th 2016   Wall Street Journal: Dallas Shooter Bought Guns Legally

July 11th 2016   Americans urged to 'buy a gun, get trained, carry it always'

July 8th 2016   New Congress GUN Bill HR5611 Is Very Bad

July 6th 2016   California 'Bullet Button' (reloaded) - the way around the 'ban'

July 5th 2016   These guns dispel the notion Founding Fathers could not have envisioned assault rifles

July 4th 2016   SCOTUS Sets Terrifying New Precedent on Gun Rights

July 1st 2016   The Latest California Anti-Gun Bills

June 29th 2016   New England Journal of Medicine: Doctor Knows Best! Gun Control for Everyone!

June 28th 2016   Law Professor Demands Repeal Of 'Outdated' Second Amendment, Makes Very Weak Case

June 27th 2016   Even honest journalists know, "assault weapons bans don't work"

June 24th 2016   The Infamous No-Fly No-Buy Gun Bill HR 2578

June 22nd 2016   Why I Own the Same Gun The Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Used

June 21st 2016   Journalist Made a Laughing Stock After Shooting AR For First Time

June 20th 2016   Obama returns to efforts to ban 'assault' weapons

June 17th 2016   Could Concealed Carry Have Saved Lives In Orlando?

June 16th 2016   Controversial 9th Edition Of "Gran'pa Jack" Released (Press Release)

June 16th 2016   Mitch McConnell Says He May Be 'Open' to Post-Orlando Gun Control

June 15th 2016   Gran'pa Jack #9 is here!

June 14th 2016   It's Time to Eliminate The Gun Control Laws: Yes, All Of Them

June 13th 2016   Fresno County Sheriff respects the 2nd Amendment

June 10th 2016   9th Circuit Paves The Way To Ending Gun Rights

June 8th 2016   Were Katie Couric's Shady Guns Actually Destroyed By Police?

June 7th 2016   Hillary Clinton Outlines Plan to Abolish The 2A

June 6th 2016   When Gun Control Kills

June 3rd 2016   To Keep And Bear Arms: What And Why

June 1st 2016   Media Bias - Omissions and Selective Editing

May 31st 2016   "Face It, The Second Amendment No Longer Serves Its Purpose"

May 30th 2016   NJ Denies Concealed Carry Permit to Lt Col with Top Secret Clearance

May 27th 2016   The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act: Facts and Policy

May 25th 2016   Hawaii Wants To Tie State Gun Registry To FBI Database

May 24th 2016   Are You A Second Amendment Absolutist?

May 23rd 2016   Fair and Balanced? Hardly

May 20th 2016   Real Facts About School & Other Mass Shooting Defense Tactics

May 19th 2016   Interstate 95, Transportation Laws.

May 18th 2016   America's Gun Salesman-in-Chief

May 17th 2016   California's raging abuse of gun rights

May 16th 2016   Clinton Picks a Doomed Fight With Americans Over Guns

May 13th 2016   Democrats Demand Gun Confiscation, say Universal Background Checks Not Enough!

May 11th 2016   An opinion on gun control

May 10th 2016   Six Aspects Of Trump's Pro-Gun Push

May 9th 2016   The "success" of 'gun control'?

May 6th 2016   Amazing - lets repeal 2A for Mothers Day!

May 4th 2016   BUSTED: Bloomberg's "The Trace" Intentionally Misrepresents Defensive Gun Uses

May 3rd 2016   Sheriffs Call for Defying Unconstitutional Gun Control: Feds "The Greatest Threat We Face"

May 2nd 2016   The Truth About Concealed Carry Licensing Laws

April 29th 2016   Obama set to push for 'smart gun' tech despite concerns

April 27th 2016   Brad Pitt to Co-Chair Brady Campaign Gun Control Awards in Los Angeles

April 26th 2016   Paying Bribes to Get Your Rights Back in New York City

April 25th 2016   What does it take to stop the threat?

April 22nd 2016   North Carolina High School Opens Indoor Gun Range

April 20th 2016   Paul moves to protect vets, seniors from massive government gun grab

April 19th 2016   Anti Gun Manufacturer Law Suit

April 18th 2016   Student protesting for concealed carry cited for wearing EMPTY holster

April 15th 2016   Four Most Infamous Gun Grabbers

April 13th 2016   A significant apparent paradox

April 12th 2016   The extent of gun ownership across New South Wales

April 11th 2016   Administration Doesn't Care Anymore, Releases Fast And Furious Documents

April 8th 2016   Tennesseans Petition to Allow First Responders to Carry

April 6th 2016   U.S. Special Ops units are using faulty rifle sights

April 5th 2016   Disabled gun owners should not be disarmed

April 4th 2016   The Messy Reality of Self-Defense

April 1st 2016   Five Worst Gun Controls

March 31st 2016   Mississippi Senate Passes Bill for Constitutional Carry

March 30th 2016   How things can come back to haunt!

March 29th 2016   Understanding The Recent Rise In Concealed Carry

March 28th 2016   GOP Senators Move to Block Obama's Gun Ban for Veterans

March 25th 2016   If Gun Control Works in Europe, Where Do Terrorists Get their Weapons?

March 23rd 2016   CT Bill Would Confiscate Guns Before Allegations of Abuse Proven

March 22nd 2016   An Ex-Con's Push To Get Guns In The Hands Of Non-Violent Felons

March 21st 2016   What Is Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland's Record On Guns?

March 18th 2016   "Constitutional Carry" Bill Advances In Idaho

March 16th 2016   Your Critical Help Needed

March 15th 2016   More from the Hillary 'gun control' plans

March 14th 2016   Permitless Open Carry Passes Oklahoma House 73-15

March 11th 2016   Gun Violence or Violence?

March 9th 2016   Using Gun Rights Haters Own Research Against Them

March 8th 2016   USA TODAY Faulted for Glorifying Mass Murderer

March 7th 2016   West Virginia's Senate Overrides Governor's Concealed Carry Veto

March 4th 2016   Sanctuary sentinels: Churches establish armed security teams as shootings rise

March 2nd 2016   The truth about Australia's gun control experiment

March 1st 2016   Clarence Thomas Breaks 10-Year Silence: Speaks from Bench in Defense of Gun Rights

February 29th 2016   NYT Opinion: Register All Guns, License All Gun Owners

February 26th 2016   Feds Seek "Mental Health" Testing of All Children, Adults?

February 24th 2016   What if Sandy Hook and Columbine staff had been armed like this?

February 23rd 2016   Isn't it strange?

February 22th 2016   When is enough, enough?

February 19th 2016   Life saving 'tips' - but one is missing.

February 17th 2016   Bloomberg, With 12 Armed Bodyguards, Is a Hyprocrite on 'Gun Control'

February 16th 2016   13 Charts Put America's Gun Violence in Perspective

February 15th 2016   Retired Cops and anti-2A New Jersey

February 12th 2016   Unarmed and Afraid in a Gun Free Zone

February 11th 2016   Women and Guns

February 10th 2016   Thief Who Stole More Than 85 Guns Receives Probation In Plea Deal

February 9th 2016   JPFO Statement to Nugent Comments

February 8th 2016   Yes, Virginia, There Is a Gun-Rights Movement. And It's Winning

February 5th 2016   January Gun Sales Set Yet Another Record

February 3rd 2016   Help Expand JPFO's Reach

February 2nd 2016   You Just Want Everyone to Have a Gun!

February 1st 2016   Politicians Write Stupid Bill That Will Get People Killed

January 29th 2016   Va. will again recognize concealed-carry permits from other states

January 27th 2016   Critics blast Massachusetts city's new 'essay' rule for gun-carry applicants

January 26th 2016   Five Proofs Democrats Setting Up For Gun Confiscation

January 25th 2016   America’s Real Gun Problem -- The Gun Myths

January 22nd 2016   Tell the Truth About 'Gun Violence' Numbers

January 20th 2016   Borderland Homicides Show Mexico's Gun Control Has Failed

January 19th 2016   Is a "Gun Free Zone" Property Owner Responsible for A Disarmed Visitor's Safety?

January 18th 2016   Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms

January 15th 2016   Georgia Democrats Introduce 'Assault Weapon' Confiscation Bill

January 13th 2016   After Terrorism And Sex Assaults, EU Cracks Down On Firearms Ownership

January 12th 2016   6 Reasons Obama Is Untrustworthy on Guns

January 11th 2016   Obama's Long Game on Guns

January 8th 2016   Executive Action Fallout

January 7th 2016   Obama's Gun Speech Sprinkled With Inaccuracies, Distortions

January 6th 2016   JPFO Denounces Obama Executive Orders

January 5th 2016   Obama's Gun-Control Plan Includes Gun-Ban For Some Social Security Beneficiaries

January 4th 2016   The 5 Best-Selling Guns of 2015




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