BREAKING: Katie Couric Sued for $12 Million
For Defamation In Anti-Gun Documentary

By Bob Owens. September 13th, 2016

Film producer Katie Couric and her director Stephanie Soechtig edited their anti-gun documentary Under the Gun in order to make a gun rights group in Virginia look as if they couldn't answer a simple question.

They're now facing a $12 million defamation lawsuit, according to documents provided to Bearing Arms.

Second Amendment rights advocacy organization the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), along with two of its members, today filed a $12 million defamation lawsuit against Katie Couric, director Stephanie Soechtig, Atlas Films, and Studio 3 Partners LLC d/b/a Epix for false and defamatory footage featured in the 2016 documentary film Under the Gun. The film portrays a fictional exchange in which members of the VCDL appear silent, stumped, and avoiding eye contact for nearly nine seconds after Katie Couric asks a question about background checks. An unedited audio recording of the interview reveals that--contrary to the portrayal in the film--the VCDL members had immediately begun responding to Couric's question............

What is not yet known is if Couric, Soetchtig, and one of their producers will face federal gun crimes criminal charges for obvious felonies they committed in Arizona while making the anti-gun film. .......

We covered apects of "Under The Gun" a few months ago - "Fair and Balanced? Hardly" and "Were Katie Couric's Shady Guns Actually Destroyed By Police?" - showing pretty clearly how production subterfuge led to a distorted and effectively anti-gun movie. It is predictably common to find anti-gun people using almost any means to tarnish law abiding gun owners.
It seems the pigeons may have come home to roost, with both a law suit and even a possibility of federal prosecution. Some payback for dishonesty perhaps?

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