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Check out The JPFO Volunteer Menu, our smorgasbord of activities dedicated members take upon themselves to promote the values and ideals of the most dedicated civil rights group in America, like the Ambassadors program. With uncertain times ahead, it is time for JPFO to grow—and you can be part of that! "But I'm only one person" you grouse, like so many others who might know better: Hey, friend, everyone is only one person! Judah Maccabee was only one person. Abraham Lincoln was only one person. Make your mark. Make a stand. Stand up. Ask for The JPFO Volunteer Menu, and make a choice. You can make a difference in the struggle (look up that word!) to influence liberty and preserve the right to keep and bear arms, for all citizens.



J.D. “Duke” Schechter
Duke has been politically involved since high school, when he worked to elect John F. Kennedy and later switched parties when Barry Goldwater ran. In the employment world Duke has 30 years of management experience in international banking, commercial aviation and retail. He served for four years in the U.S. Marine Corp, with one year of combat duty in Vietnam, and is a Life Member and Service Officer of the Disabled American Veterans. He has been an advocate of the right to keep and bear arms for more than four decades, starting in New York, then Tennessee and now Arizona. Duke is the person you’re most likely to see at the JPFO table at events like the Gun Rights Policy Conference and other national or regional Second Amendment gatherings.

Grant Schmidt
Grant Schmidt launched Shot Tec, LLC, in October, 2019, fusing his life-long studies and lifestyle of personal defensive tactics along with his professional communication skills. Since its inception, Shot Tec, LLC has taught nearly 3,000 people responsible use of firearms, defensive tactics and shooting sports, with special outreach efforts to Jews and other minorities. Shot Tec, LLC applies advanced firearms simulations technology available in mobile format to police departments, security companies and civilians, in homes or businesses. Grant was the ghost writer behind Secret-Service Officer Gary Byrne’s New York Times 2016 election-year blockbuster Crisis of Character about the Clinton White House. He followed that with Secrets of the Secret Service, helping bring transparency to the U.S. Secret Service. He holds multiple firearms instructor certifications and created a successful Kickstarter campaign for a series of Holocaust liberators and survivors.

Richard Busch
Richard Busch is a retired Ericksonian clinical hypnotherapist. He was a technical consultant to the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) whose members have included the late Carl Sagan, B. F. Skinner and Isaac Asimov. Busch was also involved with James “The Amazing” Randi’s famous $1.1 Million Dollar Challenge to any “psychic” who could prove actual powers (none did). He specialized in habit control and medical issues (by Rx) like pain, insomnia and hypertension, leading to the development of his A.I.M. Technique that promotes ease, readiness and access to your self-defense skills, including the IPAC-IPOP Principle. Life Member USCCA, NRA, FOAC, JPFO


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