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Feds Can't Compel States to Enforce Restrictions on Guns or Immigrants

By Jacob Sullum. June 23, 2021

When state and local officials decline to help enforce federal firearm rules they view as unconstitutional, The New York Times says, they are adopting "a legally shaky but politically potent strategy" with racist roots. But when state and local officials decline to help enforce federal immigration rules [...]



Gun Control Isn't Crime Control

By JPFO. June 22, 2021

"Gun violence" is not a thing. Journalists are hiding behavior issues and increasing CRIME. Every time authorities focus on guns, criminals get a green light to proceed. 300 million guns circulate—only useful idiots think the gun count motivates murderers [...]



Missouri Now Refuses to Enforce Certain Federal Gun Laws

By Brian Doherty. June 21, 2021

Missouri's Republican Gov. Mike Parson signed into law over the weekend the Second Amendment Preservation Act. The law (Missouri House Bill 85) defines various federal laws that Missouri considers an inherent violation of its citizens' rights under the Second Amendment: [...]



JPFO Applauds Texas Constitutional Carry

By JPFO. June 18, 2021

CNN, MSNBC, the networks and the newspapers are in an uproar asking pointless questions about guns and rights they publicly admit they have no knowledge about: "How can a state allow anyone to carry a gun without a license?" You mean you don't know? [...]



CA Mayor Seeks to Mandate Insurance, 'Violence' Tax on 'Law-Abiding' Gun Owners

By David Codrea. June 16, 2021

"Nearly two weeks after a gunman fatally shot nine coworkers at a San Jose light rail yard, the mayor of Northern California's most populous city is proposing first-of-its-kind gun safety restrictions that would require gun owners in the city to obtain insurance and pay an annual fee [...]



Everything Comes Back to 'Gun Control'

By NRA-ILA. June 15, 2021

'Gun control' organizations have a long history of pandering to advance their objectives. This is only necessary because the American people have an even longer history of rejecting 'gun control'. We’ve seen professional 'gun control' activists try to tie their agenda to everything from COVID-19 to racism [...]


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