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Creeping Incrementalism
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Creeping Incrementalism

By Rob Morse. February 11th, 2019

Read this article from my friend David Cole. RM

"How to Ban Private Gun Ownership in America"

"It can be done. You just can't do it in one fell swoop. You must do it in steps.

You take the first step in 1934 by making some kinds of guns bad, requiring them to be registered with the government and levying a special tax on them.

You take the next step in 1968. You pass laws adding more restrictions on gun ownership and sales.. This will be handy later on." .......

Article source to follow. Most people are well aware of this approach to achieving bans but it is well worth covering a reminder - some might use the analogy of the frog and the pot of water. Many unfortunately all too easily ignore this danger and remain complacent as their rights slowly evaporate.


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