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Journalists Brazenly Give Biden Cover—

By JPFO. April 22, 2021

"Of course his gun plan infringes on the Second Amendment," civil-rights group observes. "It's self-evident." Gun-rights reductions on Holocaust Remembrance Day added tone-deaf offense to deliberate injury. "What a dark, bald-faced lie to say he's being, 'totally consistent with the Second Amendment,' [...]



Below The Radar – Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act of 2021

By Harold Hutchison. April 20, 2021

Bad ideas are hard to kill, especially in Congress. One of the worst has been this notion of licensing gun owners at the federal level. This was something anti-Second Amendment extremists have wanted since 1968 – and you can read how angry Lyndon Baines Johnson was [...]



Biden's Anti-gun Lies are Too Much Even for Legacy Press Fact Checkers

By NRA-ILA. April 19, 2021

With President Joe Biden securely in office and the 2024 presidential election 43 months away, the mainstream press has determined it an acceptable time to expose the frequent fibber's most flagrant falsehoods. This week saw a plethora of so-called "fact-checkers" take issue with the blatantly false [...]



'Gun Control': Aiming at the Wrong Targets?

By 'MarkPA'. April 19, 2021

With all the numerous gun control laws and further proposals, it strikes me that there is no clear target, except guns. If epidemiologists want to characterize "gun violence" as an epidemic, then why are they not trying to capture the "genome" (underlying causes) of the "disease"? [...]



Governor Murphy is at it Again

By George Devinny. April 16, 2021

As if New Jersey is not already among the most restrictive states for 'gun control', Governor Phil Murphy (D) has called for a dozen further control measures. His reason is stated as being that recent firearm murder events have "further emboldened us without question." [...]



'Biden Determined to Trample on 2A' Says Super PAC Chair

By Dave Workman. April 13, 2021

Writing at Fox News Sunday, Ted Harvey, a former Colorado legislator now chairing the Committee to Defeat the President, described as an "anti-Biden super PAC," asserted Joe Biden is "determined to trample on the Second Amendment" while at the same time "undermining the right to bear arms in unilateral fashion." [...]


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