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9,941 Black People Murdered in 2020

By JPFO. May 20, 2022

The only reason ten blacks murdered in Buffalo are getting so much news coverage is because that supports the false government narrative that white people pose the top threat to America, and guns are evil. In 2019, nearly 8,000 black people were murdered [...]



Why Background Checks Do Not Stymie Mass Shooters

By Jacob Sullum. May 18, 2022

A background check did not faze the man charged with murdering 10 people at a Buffalo grocery store on Saturday. The reason for that is straightforward: The shooter passed the background check that was completed when he bought the rifle used in the attack [...]



Infringing the Time, Manner and Place to Bear Arms

By Rob Morse. May 17, 2022

We don't agree on very much. That is why the rights of free speech and freedom of action are so uncomfortable, so important, and so necessary. We have to tolerate ideas we find offensive or even dangerous because there is so much we don't know [...]



Gun deaths for "Children or Adolescents" being the leading cause of death

By John Lott. May 16, 2022

The New England Journal of Medicine has a letter making the claim that children are more likely to die from guns than any other cause. The piece contains many misleading or false claims. Their measure of deaths from guns primarily involves homicides from the the CDC, which produces a much larger [...]



Ninth Circuit Strikes Down California Gun Law

By Elura Nanos May 13, 2022

A federal appeals court sided with gun-rights activists Wednesday and struck down a California law that would keep firearms out of the hands of young adults under age 21. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that what it called California's [...]



If left wants to fight 'gun violence', then focus on violence

By Tom Knighton. May 11, 2022

A lot of gun rights advocates bristle at the term "gun violence." I don't, but many of you do, and you're not without good reason to do so. Especially since it somehow pretends that there's literally no other kind of violence that should demand our attention [...]

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