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NEW - Read David T. Hardy on the FOPA, a PDF on the Firearm Owners' Protection Act.

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We had a question from someone who wanted to know who supported Thomas Dodd and the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Go to this Google.Books link - and read page 58.




It’s time to take JPFO’s "Boot the BATFE" campaign to a fiercer, more gutwrenching level.

Announcing an upcoming video documentary from JPFO Productions: The Gang: How a Government Agency Uses the Law to Destroy Your Rights and Freedoms, an hour-long video documentary will show:

  • A brief history of the BATFE, with emphasis on its racist origins and ongoing racism.
  • Documentary evidence that the Gun Control Act of 1968 (one of the major laws the BATFE enforces) was based on Nazi law and Nazi legal concepts.
  • Video proof that the BATFE tried to frame an American gun owner with federal felony charges by attempting to call a malfunctioning semi-automatic rifle an "illegal machine gun".
  • Documentary evidence that the BATFE is incompetent to carry out one of its primary tasks, the classification of weapons.
  • Interviews with abused gun owners and manufacturers. We are also trying to get a BATFE whistle-blower or former agent to go on camera to give an insider’s view of BATFE corruption and ineptitude.
  • Finally, a Second Amendment lawyer will reveal how Congress and the BATFE routinely misuse the interstate commerce clause to control gun ownership and persecute firearms owners.

NOTE: - The Gang Movie web site is no longer available.


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