Journalist Made a Laughing Stock
After Shooting AR For First Time

June 17th, 2016.

The liberal media has a way of bending the truth. Most of the time, they bend it a little here and there to make it fit with their leftist narrative, but they keep most of the core parts of the story truthful. Other times they bend the truth until it breaks, leaving shards of misinformation scattered everywhere.

That, friends, is exactly what this NY Daily News journalist did after he went to a local gun range to fire an AR-15 for the first time.

He decided that since he'd never actually fired the gun, he should get some first hand experience to inform his reporting. At first, it sounds like his intentions were good.

Honestly, if he really did what he said he was going to do -- shoot the gun and give an accurate representation of the experience -- it would've been a good thing. Instead he shot the gun and then made the rest up as he went along. .....

This post-shooting report of an AR is typical of what we are up against. Not only do anti-gun people show little or no understanding and knowledge about firearms in general, but, here we see gross over statements. After the AR trial, we learned that "recoil bruised a shoulder' - amazing, as the .223 round has minimal recoil. A "smell of sulfur" was mentioned, but best we know smokeless propellants do not contain sulfur. Even PTSD was claimed! Read the rest and be amazed.

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