Law Professor Demands Repeal Of 'Outdated'
Second Amendment, Makes Very Weak Case

By George Leef. June 24th, 2016

The massacre in Orlando has prompted many demands for still more laws intended to prevent deranged killers like Omar Mateen from getting their hands on firearms. It has also occasioned more radical ideas, including the repeal of the Second Amendment.

That is exactly what Drexel University law professor David S. Cohen proposes in his June 13th article in Rolling Stone, "Why It's Time to Repeal the Second Amendment."

Naturally, Cohen's writing is full of passion. Anti-gun forces will no doubt laud his piece as visionary and compelling. It lacks any good arguments, however and suffers from the fatal flaw of all "progressive" demands for more laws to solve problems - the assumption that just because a law is meant to accomplish some objective, it actually will accomplish it.

Before opening his attack on the Second Amendment, Cohen reminds us that the Constitution shouldn't be treated as sacrosanct. On that, I agree with him. Some of its power concessions to the federal government were unwise, as the Anti-federalists argued during the ratification debates, such as giving Congress the power to borrow.

But much of the Constitution is sound, even if sometimes ignored. The First Amendment, for example, was wisely intended to keep politics out of religion, the press and free speech. The Fifth Amendment was sensibly intended to protect private property. Both are fraying around the edges, but it would be disastrous to repeal them and let politics run wild in those spheres. .....

This is a three part article - Part One (all may be slow to load) | Part Two | and, Part Three. (In May we showed another (lame) suggestion titled - "Repeal 2a for Mother's day". )
Probably, one way to all but guarantee a real and bloody revolution would be repealing the 2A, seeing as, with millions of guns in the country, the only way to purge those would be confiscation.
On a side note, you might like to learn how many of the recent "Sit-in Dems" are gun owners - apparently 26! Hypocrisy is obviously still alive and well.

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