Amazing - lets repeal 2A for Mothers Day!

By Robert Farago. May 6th, 2016

And there we were, thinking that the best way to celebrate Mother's Day was to give the Mom in your life something firearms related: a beginner's class, ammo, a gun, something. Apparently not. "My children will bring me flowers for Mother's Day, and I will be delighted", promises Heidi Stevens at "Mother's Day -- despite its greeting-card roots -- is my favorite holiday, because mother is my favorite role. It's the thing I feel most like. I'm a writer and a daughter and a wife and a friend, but I go hours and days without thinking about the ways I inhabit those roles. Mother is with me always. Flowers, though, feel inadequate this year. They feel worse than inadequate. They feel distasteful." And so. . .

Australia, as you likely know, has no right to bear arms written into the Constitution. Hughes acknowledged as much in his letter.

But why not amend ours, he wondered?

"We are astounded that the attitudes of many Americans is to fight fire with more fire, rather than to just put the damned fire out," he wrote. "It's time the U.S. lived up to its tag as the land of the free and home of the brave, and made a brave decision." .....

The absolute naivity expressed here is beyond belief and is so typical of the "ban-all-guns" utopian mindset. Once again we see the amazing disconnect of seemingly ignoring the gang culture, which as any sane person knows will always be armed by any means possible. It is vital that we all fight to educate this thinking, to try and introduce some sense and logic, despite the "blinders" insane tunnel-vision viewpoint.

"You don't have to be Jewish to fight by our side."

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