It's Time to Eliminate The Gun
Control Laws: Yes, All Of Them

Posted By Dave Workman On Monday, June 13th, 2016
By Michael Z. Williamson

Behavioral laws require three components to be effective. They must accurately describe an action that causes harm to others. They must propose a penalty that disincentivizes the activity. They must be enforceable.

Let’s consider the laws against murder. The harm done is obvious. The penalties range up to death. They can be enforced by an examination of the evidence during trial, and punishment.

How about “disturbing the peace?” If you plug in a Gibson ES35 guitar and a stack of Marshal and Hi-Watt amps at 2 a.m. and start playing Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man,” there’s a good chance your neighbors will complain. If they do, we have a clear report of harm done (minor harm, but relevant), and can again have an examination, trial and punishment, probably a fine.

Of course, we could prevent some of those incidences by licensing guitars, having waiting periods on amplifiers, and requiring proof of need for any amp over 20 watts.

Wait, how would that work exactly? And why should we exercise prior restraint on an otherwise lawful activity? How would a waiting period stop anyone from blasting the neighborhood? .....

This is quite a long and comprehensive article - go to the main page - and read the entire piece. One point of many is very true, "People with no knowledge of the subject shouldn't be attempting to create legislation," plus, with approx 20,000 'laws' on the books the antis still claim that 'nothing has been done'. Ridiculous!

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