Bogus Editorial Goes After Gun Owners

By Beth Baumann. September 27th, 2016

Last Friday, the Tampa Bay Times published an absolutely asinine editorial in which it claimed the NRA and companies like Delta Defense are prepping gun owners for the legal ramifications of shooting someone.

The state has created such a Wild West atmosphere that gun owners are signing up for coaching and legal help so they can be prepared when they shoot someone.

…An emerging industry that offers instructions to members for responding to police after they shoot someone, liability coverage and legal advice fuels a shoot-first mentality.

Of course, this liberal newspaper is attempting to say that there are SO many guns that gun owners need to be coached on how to handle the legal ramifications that are associated with shooting someone.

If someone comes into MY home and attempts to harm MY family, you can bet I'm going to use my handgun to defend myself and my family. Knowing what justifies self-defense doesn't mean that I'm going to shoot anybody for any reason. It simply means I'm more knowledgeable in the event I should ever need to use my firearm in a defensive situation. .......

There appears to be no limit to what anti-gun writers will stoop to publish. It would be a rare individual who is trained and insured, who would treat that status as a license to kill - bearing in mind that a) lawful gun owners are by far the most law-abiding people, and b) few have any wish to be arrested for a shooting even if lawful. The USCCA offers "Self-Defense Shield" which is something that is not giving anyone a mandate to go on a rampage - rather, it is there to give good people financial assistance to help mitigate against the complicated aftermath of a justified shooting.

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