The Truth About Concealed
Carry Licensing Laws

By Robert Farago. May 1st, 2016

"A security guard wants to protect himself and improve his job prospects by being able to apply for positions as an armed security guard," reports. "A store owner wants to feel safe from the threat of robbery. They're among four city residents -- three male, one female -- who have applied to the Lowell [Massachusetts] Police Department -- and received -- an unrestricted license to carry a firearm in public.

The approvals are the first since the department earlier this year updated its gun policy, adding two controversial requirements: applicants must take a safety course and submit a 'written supplement' -- or essay -- explaining the reason(s) for seeking the license. You ready for this? Here are The Sun's summaries of the four concealed carry applicants' essays:

A security guard who is a father of two young children wrote, "We do not live in the safest part of the city." After citing crime statistics for Lowell and his Second Amendment right to bear arms, he added, "I strongly believe that being a responsible gun owner is a responsibility and a priority; firearms safety is not only a precaution but a way of life."

A small business owner, citing news reports about robberies at stores like his, wrote he fears being robbed, adding that carrying a firearm will enable him to worry less and focus more on expanding his business. "My first defense is always to try and safely remove myself then reach for another form of defense like pepper spray before my firearm, but the option needs to be my decision to make in society," he wrote.

A woman who moved to Lowell from Chelmsford, where she had a longtime unrestricted license, wrote, "I have had a permit for 10 years without any violations. I am a mandated reporter and extremely experienced in de-escalation techniques and have also taken self-defense classes."

A person who was the victim of violent crime and works with city youths wrote he's never been arrested and doesn't drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes. He stressed safety and personal protection.

The officer in charge of Providence's concealed carry license applicants interviewed my referees. One day, seven months beyond the legally required processing time, he showed up at my door for a face-to-face interrogation. The first words out of his mouth: "I don't want to hear anything about the Second Amendment". .....

You should know, JPFO has NEVER been in favor of CCW Permits. Truth be told, gun control reflects the wider infantilization of America. By conditioning Americans to beg for their birthright, licensing laws perpetuate this dysfunctional dependency. Equally, concealed carry licensing is a fundamentally degrading process. Humiliating. You might even say perverted.

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