Obama's Long Game on Guns

By Josh Blackman. January 6th, 2016

The president opens the door for states to take action restricting guns.

In the twilight of his presidency, with his goals of gun control unfulfilled, President Obama has pivoted to the long game. During a teary-eyed press conference yesterday, Obama lamented that federal legislation "won't happen during my presidency." But with the stroke of a pen, he laid the groundwork for the states to do what Congress would not: limit the number of people who can own guns.

Until gun-control advocates can gin up enough support in Congress, they have targeted state and local governments as the next frontier. At face value, the president's executive actions are modest, and will have little practical effect. Their potency, however, lies with the power they give to progressive states to strengthen gun control nationally, without any action by Congress.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits a person from buying a firearm if he or she has been involuntarily committed or "adjudicated as a mental defective." In subsequent federal regulations, the government added to the umbrella of "mental defective" a person who "lacks the mental capacity to contract or manage his own affairs," regardless of whether the person poses a threat to anyone else........

Obama's executive actions last week may not seem earth-shattering to some, but they do create the framework for the states to significantly limit who can buy a gun nationwide, and what kind of guns are available for sale. This makes one think of the thousand cuts analogy - or, bit by bit the frog in the water gets hotter and hotter - until.....
The weakening of the 2A continues.

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