TX AG Sues to Allow Guns
in Courthouse Complex

By Lana Shadwick. August 30th, 2016

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued Waller County, Texas, over the right to bear arms in the Waller County Courthouse complex. Advocates have protested the County's actions in preventing lawful carrying pursuant to the protection of a new state law.

In a statement obtained by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton he said, "A local government cannot be allowed to flout Texas' licensed carry laws, or any state law, simply because it disagrees with the law or doesn't feel like honoring it." He added, "I will vigilantly protect and preserve the Second Amendment rights of Texans."

Second Amendment advocates descended on Waller County on August 12th to support a fellow Texan who was sued by the County after he served notice on them alleging a violation of Texas gun rights, as reported by Breitbart Texas. In a show of support, the gun rights advocates at the open carry protest went to the Waller County Clerk's Office to file their own complaints against the County. A video of them bringing their complaints to the Clerk is included in the article.

Breitbart Texas was in Waller County for the protest and has been reporting about the conflict between gun rights activists and County officials. The gun rights advocates say officials are being "tyrannical" "bullies" and are abusing their power. .......

Here is a situation where power-hungry local beaurocrats decide to ignore a state law. Somehow it reminds one of the Windy City and Cooke County! Texas of late has been impressive with improvements to their carry laws and could well be regarded by some other states as a useful model for them to follow - contrast this with the CA situation. Bit by bit the farce of 'gun-free-zones' can and should be whittled down.

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