Disarming Good Guys Does
Not Disarm Bad Guys

Published on August 18th, 2016 by GOA

Over 90% of public mass shooters commit their acts of violence in Gun Free Zones.(*) And while the national media frequently covers these tragic stories, they rarely cover the overwhelming number of examples where armed citizens use guns to protect themselves and others.

From Breitbart - By AWR Hawkins. August 20th, 2016

On August 18 Gun Owners of America (GOA) highlighted "the lie behind gun free zones" by pointing out that disarming good guys does not disarm bad guys.

The video opens with GOA executive director emeritus Larry Pratt saying, "I don't want to feel safe, I want to be safe. I want to be able to protect myself, I want other people to be able to protect themselves, and going into a gun free zone is definitely not the way to protect anybody."

GOA executive director Erich Pratt then speaks, saying, "There's a whole list of places where killers have actually targeted the places where people can't protect themselves." He pointed out how the Aurora movie theater gunman "had several theaters within a 20-mile radius of his home -- seven theaters that he could have chosen. He didn't go to the biggest theater, he didn't go to the closest theater, he went to the only one that had [No Guns Allowed] signs posted. When he targeted that theater he was relatively positive he was going to be the only one with a firearm."

Larry added, "We're not going to make people safe by trying to restrict access to guns. Because bad guys, we have found, get access to guns no matter what. You'll impede it for the good guys, bad guys will [still] be armed." .......

This is essentially reinforcing what sensible people already know and understand. Nothing, but nothing, will ever disarm the bad guys - think back to prohibition - did that stop liquor making?! When it comes to 'gun-free-zones', let us reiterate something - "when seconds count".

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