Latest Smart Gun Prototype Has
Some Pretty Dumb Flaws

By Beth Baumann. October 10th, 2016

Matt Nager/Wall Street Journal
According to 19-year-old MIT undergraduate student Kai Kloepfer, America has a "gun violence" problem. To help find a solution for the problem, Kloepfer decided to create a smart gun that utilizes military-grade fingerprint software so only the gun's owner can use the weapon. The idea is to keep children and criminals from being able to shoot guns and the technology found on these smart guns is similar to what is used by Apple to lock iPhones.

Kloepfer took to a number of crowdfunding websites to raise the money necessary to make his idea a reality.

I am building a safer gun that only the owner can use, preventing children, teens, and criminals from using it. My technology is a safety mechanism built into a normal handgun and works in conjunction with the other safeties on the gun. When you grip the gun normally it reads your fingerprint and compares it against a list of users that is stored inside the gun. If it matches, the gun is ready for fire, otherwise it is locked and secured. The only person that can access or modify the allowed users is the owner. They have full control to add/remove users or sell the gun.

Kloepfer has been working on the design for the past four years and expects to finish a live-firing prototype within the next few months. (read on).. ......

On paper, this probably seems (to anti-gun folks) the Holy Grail of "smart" technology, but like most all attempts at making "smart" guns it is inevitably flawed. Anything with a battery can fail and we can see that wet hands, gloved hands and maybe even a bandaid will pretty much prevent a release function. Periodically yet another supposedly fool-proof system is promoted as the ultimate, but there is really no such thing as a reliable "smart" gun - it's beyond wishful thinking.

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