Why I Own the Same Gun The
Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Used

By Robert Farago. June 21st, 2016

Let's not mince words. I own an "assault rifle" because I fear my government. I'm afraid that the government -- a self-serving alliance of politicians, bureaucrats and law enforcement officers -- will take away my liberty at the point of a gun. I want to be prepared to counter that eventuality by force of arms, if necessary. So I bought the best "weapon of war" I could: a rifle that gives me a fighting chance against my own government.

Gun control advocates consider that premise laughable. For one thing, the government is your friend! It's just another word for the things we do together! For another, a gun owner wielding a modern sporting rifle (a.k.a., "assault rifle") doesn't have a hope in hell of defending him- or herself against the might of the United States government's legions of well-armed, trained agents.

Both of these arguments are demonstrably false and hugely revealing.

The only people who believe that government is the average citizen's friend are people who ignore history, both past and present. .....

As Robert states, why is an "assault weapons ban" so highly desired? Put very simply, it has little do with keeping such guns out of criminal hands -- it is simply "they" do NOT want anyone to to own one. That is the 'control' approach. Those who seek to disarm everyone are scared ****less about an armed populace -- all the more so with rifles such as the AR. Let us not ignore history and remember what can happen to a disarmed populace.
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