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2012 Alerts

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2012 Alerts

December 31st 2012   2013: It's going to be a rough year.

December 28th 2012   Firearm Related Problems & Suggested Solutions

December 27th 2012   Applying Technical Analysis To Gun Control

December 26th 2012   Obama's Hypocrisy Problem On Guns

December 24th 2012   An opinion on gun control (5 part article).

December 22nd 2012   "Saving Our Children From Mass Murderers". (And more)

December 21st 2012   Tragedy and Sanity

December 20th 2012   More logical school shooting commentary

December 19th 2012   What if one of the teachers had a gun?

December 18th 2012   Three important post Sandy Hook Shooting articles.

December 17th 2012   JPFO Special: Granp'a Jack #1 - "Gun Control Kills Kids".

December 17th 2012   Post Sandy Hook thoughts

December 16th 2012   New Handbill - The Paradox of Opposites

December 14th 2012   Chanuka 2012

December 13th 2012   Bill of Rights Day, December 15th

December 10th 2012   A Chanukah Greeting.

December 9th 2012   The NRA is the New KKK.

December 5th 2012   Custom Saiga Combat Special.

December 4th 2012   Webmaster temporary absence

November 27th 2012   Surprise! NY Times Pushes Obama On Gun Control

November 21st 2012   Biometric 'Skyfall' gun neither new nor 'smart'

November 19th 2012   $25-a-gun sales tax approved in Chicago area

November 16th 2012   English Riots, Moral Relativism, Gun Control, and the Welfare State

November 13th 2012   Gun 'Buybacks' Endanger Citizens, Help Crooks and Crooked Officials

November 11th 2012   New Great Value Combo Offer

November 8th 2012   Black Gun Owners: Rock and a Hard Place

November 6th 2012   Anniversery Forgotten: One Year of Concealed Carry In Wisconsin

November 4th 2012   Chasing Constitutional Carry

October 31st 2012   The need for self defense

October 28th 2012   The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

October 24th 2012   Why I am a "one-issue voter"

October 22nd 2012   The inaccuracy of the term "assault" - Sound file

October 20th 2012   Toni Preckwinkle's Feckless "Innocent Civilian Tax"

October 18th 2012   Is civil argument possible with a gun-grabber?

October 16th 2012   Special Offer: Innocents Betrayed DVD

October 9th 2012   Do Jewish "leaders" want us all to be victims?

October 4th 2012   The Young Holder

October 1st 2012   Hitler was a Piker

September 29th 2012   Membership Opportunity, Reminder

September 23rd 2012   Commemorative Bill of Rights Sentinel

September 14th 2012   Rosh HaShannah Greetings

September 11th 2012   Taking Aim

September 6th 2012   Attention Arizona Members

September 4th 2012   Who is the "gun lobby"?

August 31st 2012   Important Membership Opportunity

August 28th 2012   Dear Editor: What happened to waiting periods for guns?

August 24th 2012   Alert subscriber preferences - Poll Results

August 22nd 2012   Jews and guns

August 20th 2012   Alert subscriber preferences - Poll

August 15th 2012   Observations of a Goy

August 10th 2012   The failure of "gun control"

August 7th 2012   "Senseless" - 2 items.

July 31st 2012   Responses to Michael Savage

July 29th 2012   Suppose we just do like we've always done

July 27th 2012   Buster Bullet resurfaces!

July 26th 2012   An open letter to The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

July 25th 2012   NJ Jewish News Misses the Target - 2 items.

July 21st 2012   Lesson of Colorado

July 20th 2012   The Colorado Tragedy

July 18th 2012   Silly Rabbi, Guns are for Goys

July 16th 2012   New JPFO T-shirt options

July 12th 2012   Hillary's Small Arms Treaty Swindle

July 10th 2012   What is BATFE up to?

July 5th 2012   Adam Taxin interviews Scott Bach - (sound file)

July 4th 2012   Independence Day, July 4th.

July 2nd 2012   Calm Before the Storm.

June 28th 2012   The Hidden Weapon of "Gun Control" Advocates.

June 25th 2012   A Letter to the Editor of New Jersey Jewish News

June 21st 2012   Guns and Moses

June 18th 2012   Armed American Radio - Fast and Furious" - (sound files)

June 15th 2012   JPFO mourns another loss.

June 7th 2012   "Fast and Furious" Author Katie Pavlich on "The Daily Rant" - (sound file)

June 5th 2012   The Last of the BOHICANS

June 2nd 2012   JPFO offers three new specials

May 31st 2012   No Compromise Against Gun Control

May 23rd 2012   Remember Aaron

May 17th 2012   A vital message from JPFO's Rabbi Dovid Bendory

May 9th 2012   Why Jews Hate Guns

May 3rd 2012   What you can do, for yourself, right now (Part 3)

April 30th 2012   What you can do, for yourself, right now (Part 2)

April 20th 2012   JPFO sides with Ted Nugent.

April 11th 2012   Why most of the world hates our Second Amendment.

April 6th 2012   What you can do right now.

April 2nd 2012   Talk this up, gun owners.

March 28th 2012   JPFO offers books from Bloomfield Press

March 27th 2012   Two new CCW posters

March 20th 2012   The Battle of Athens, TN.

March 14th 2012   JPFO Monthly Special Offers - "The Gang Movie"

March 9th 2012   Gangster Government and Your Guns

March 6th 2012   NRA's La Pierre's declarations on Obama's re-election, Poll Results

March 1st 2012   Is the NRA's Wayne La Pierre "crying wolf"? (Poll - now closed)

February 28th 2012   Words have meanings that can have life and death implications

February 22nd 2012   Is Race War in America Inevitable?

February 16th 2012   Mandatory reading. Understanding is power.

February 14th 2012   JPFO Monthly Special Offers - "The Mitzvah"

February 13th 2012   We Share a Loss

February 8th 2012   Exodus Armed

February 6th 2012   In Defense of the Catholic Church

February 1st 2012   The JPFO Power Promo Card

January 26th 2012   Meeting JPFO People

January 23rd 2012   An open letter to my Christian friends

January 16th 2012   Violence solves a lot

January 13th 2012   Moses and Righteous Use of Force

January 12th 2012   A Yahrzeit Tribute to Aaron Zelman, from Rabbi Bendory

January 8th 2012   Reflections on a Terrible Day

January 6th 2012   Firearms freedom can be habit forming


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