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2014 Alerts

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December 31st 2014   Pulitzer Prize Winning Professor Identifies Militias as "The Enemy Within"

December 30th 2014   EPA can't regulate lead bullets, says federal court

December 29th 2014   Carrying a Gun in Church

December 28th 2014   PSA Video dissected!

December 26th 2014   When in Mumbai

December 24th 2014   Secretive "Gun Control" Cabal Threatens Liberty by its Agenda and Methods

December 23rd 2014   A Brief History of Violence; How to protect our schools and churches

December 22nd 2014   Support for Gun Rights At a Two-Decade High

December 21st 2014   Armed Patriots Nullify i594 Gun Restrictions

December 19th 2014   Kapos for Kristallnacht

December 17th 2014   A Truly Progressive Solution to Cops Shooting Black Men

December 16th 2014   Firearm Gifting? Here Are Some Reminders

December 15th 2014   Looking Dead Children in the Eye; the truth about school security

December 14th 2014   Inside School Shootings: What Have We Learned?

December 12th 2014   Duck and Cover

December 11th 2014   Obama's feds hid key data to get Calif. lead ammo ban passed

December 10th 2014   '$38 Billion Reasons' 2A is Crumbling: Bloomberg Targets 12 More States with Gun Control

December 9th 2014   Police Chief: Volunteer to Have Your Homes Searched for Guns

December 8th 2014   You Can Kill, But Not Murder: The Case for the Ten Commandments

December 7th 2014   The Pentagon Finally Details its Weapons-for-Cops Giveaway

December 5th 2014   Anti-gun bigot's projection shows just who the true ignorant and fearful haters are

December 3rd 2014   "Progressive" Writer Blames Michael Brown Shooting on Inadequate "Gun Control"

December 2nd 2014   Adviser Tells Holder How to Manipulate Press on Fast & Furious

December 1st 2014   Irresponsible Groups Descended on Ferguson

November 29th 2014   The Dumbest Anti-Gun People

November 28th 2014   Negligent Gun Fatality Brings Out the 'Progressive' Hate

November 26th 2014   Not All Anti-Gunners Willing to Wait for Slippery Slope

November 25th 2014   Vladimir Putin's Russia Adopts Concealed Carry

November 24th 2014   Gun Laws and Murder Rates

November 22nd 2014   The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates

November 21st 2014   Israel needs more than temporary gun solution to stop 'final' one

November 20th 2014   Police expert: War on terror turns cops into occupying armies -- and we're the enemy

November 19th 2014   In Washington and Elsewhere, Defiance is Proper Response to "Gun Control"

November 18th 2014   Buffalo to seize guns from families following owners' funerals

November 17th 2014   Professor Hopes to Repeal "Outdated" 2nd Amendment

November 15th 2014   How the I-594 Gun Control Initiative Passed in Washington State

November 14th 2014   Wireless 'gun-free zone' scientists prove intelligence no measure of common sense

November 13th 2014   Government Approved Bigotry Against Firearms Owner

November 12th 2014   More Americans Know Defended Home is Safer Home; "Gun Control" Advocates Upset

November 11th 2014   Orthodox Jewish NJ Shooting Club Challenges OU & RCA on Gun Control

November 10th 2014   The Beast Reawakens

November 8th 2014   The 76th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

November 7th 2014   Holder's 'idiot' comment shows another progressive contradiction

November 5th 2014   WA Private Sales Ban Referendum Shows Danger of Putting Rights Up for Vote

November 4th 2014   Anti-gun Missouri Dem. arrested with 9mm pistol, refuses breathalyzer test

November 3rd 2014   Bloomberg cash fuels 'ground zero' election for gun rights

November 1st 2014   Want a Pistol? Hand Over Your Facebook Password

October 31st 2014   Violent 'anti-violence activists' demonstrate 'progressive' Opposite Day truism

October 30th 2014   Woman Goes to Jail for Not Mowing Lawn

October 29th 2014   Newest "Smart Gun" Concept Probably Most Sensible Yet, Still Poses Threat

October 28th 2014   Firearms Rights and a Draft Concealable Firearms Statute

October 27th 2014   Gun Rights Policy Conference - sound bytes

October 24th 2014   Chances of honest cartel reporting 'Slim' to none

October 23rd 2014   Crazy Gun Control Fantasies in California

October 22nd 2014   The "Moderate Gun Control" Group Really Exists!

October 21st 2014   Stealth Gun Control Initiative Too Close To Call In Washington State

October 20th 2014   Nashville Police Refuse Secret Service Illegal Search of Obama Critic

October 19th 2014   The Bill of Rights Award to JPFO's Late Founder - short sound file

October 18th 2014   Giffords and Kelly Keep Marching On

October 17th 2014   Maybe more guns are needed on campuses to keep radical 'feminists' away

October 16th 2014   FBI Director James Comey: "Americans Should Be Deeply Skeptical Of Government Power"

October 15th 2014   Brady Campaign's "Gun Control for Dummies" is Missing a Word

October 14th 2014   A Matter of Princely Pull

October 13th 2014   Air Force Veteran and Firearms Expert Convicted of Manufacturing Weapons Speaks Out

October 12th 2014   Canadian Exclusive Firearms

October 10th 2014   Houses of the Unholy

October 8th 2014   Technological Advances Aid Home Gun Manufacture, Bypass "Gun Control"

October 7th 2014   Stop Rape Culture.. With a Gun

October 6th 2014   Take Our Guns?

October 3rd 2014   The Hill departs from objectivity on restaurant 'gun ban' story

October 1st 2014   New Jersey Considers Mandatory Gun "Buybacks"

September 30th 2014   Gun control in Britain through the 1990s

September 29th 2014   Nevada group starts petition for gun background checks

September 26th 2014   Venezuela marks International Day of Peace with Orwellian contradiction

September 24th 2014   Congressman Wants to Require Government Permission to Build or Print Guns

September 23rd 2014   More Defenseless Victims in San Diego County

September 22nd 2014   "Health Professional" bloviates about guns, paints himself to be a doofus

September 19th 2014   The War Fort Gun Ban

September 17th 2014   Anti-gun Group Wants to Ban Rifles "Too Accurate" for Civilians

September 16th 2014   A New Strategy?

September 15th 2014   Joint Statement in Support of Jewish Law, Jewish Life, and Jewish Self-Defense

September 13th 2014   An Open Letter To My Friends In Law Enforcement

September 12th 2014   Campaign to shame Kroger ignores real dangers

September 11th 2014   Does Carrying a Gun to Synagogue Make It Safer or More Dangerous?

September 10th 2014   ISIS Would Be Well Served by its pro-"Gun Control" Stance in Jihad against U.S.

September 9th 2014   These Women Are the NRA's Worst Nightmare

September 8th 2014   Meet Your Opposition

September 6th 2014   Wisconsin Virtual Learning shows virtual insanity on guns

September 4th 2014   JPFO Joins Second Amendment Foundation

September 2nd 2014   Gun Ban Zealots Offer Libertarians Choice: Police State or . . . Police State

September 1st 2014   Common Sense

August 30th 2014   Texas District Warns Visitors: Staff Is Armed And May Use Force To Protect Students

August 29th 2014   Lawsuit faults Gander Mountain for failure to read minds

August 28th 2014   Where are the Second Amendment's Billionaires?

August 27th 2014   "More Guns, Less Crime" May Be True, But Misses the Point

August 26th 2014   Canadian feds overhaul gun laws with new 'common sense' firearms act

August 25th 2014   Why Not Compromise?

August 23rd 2014   In Praise of an Uncompromising Bastard

August 22nd 2014   Armed black demonstrators display egalitarian diversity of right to arms

August 21st 2014   Truths

August 20th 2014   David Frum Blames Militarization of Police on Guns in Hands of "the Policed"

August 19th 2014   Gun Safety Rules - The rest of the story

August 18th 2014   Will the Police Protect you?

August 16th 2014   Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See!

August 15th 2014   "Progressive" philosopher upholds Opposite Day truism

August 14th 2014   Sheriff David Clarke lashes out at opponents after winning primary

August 13th 2014   Kodiak Arms "Intelligun" Perhaps Well Intended, But Still Threat to Gun Owners

August 11th 2014   Adventures in Twitterland

August 9th 2014   The Racist Roots of Gun Control

August 8th 2014   Anti-gun Oregon pediatrician shows deadly ignorance outside of specialty

August 7th 2014   Auction time continues!

August 6th 2014   Palmer v. D.C.

August 5th 2014   A message from JPFO's new Public Relations Director

August 4th 2014   The Elitist Gun Controllers

August 2nd 2014   Judy was Right

August 2nd 2014   New Hires: Stokes-Begley and Alpert Join JPFO

August 1st 2014   Why Not Offer a 'Third Way' to Let Doctors Ask About Guns?

July 31st 2014   Anti-gun Writer Fears New Army Sidearm Will Cause More "Gun Violence"

July 30th 2014   Auction Opportunity: "Battle of Athens" Unique Mossberg

July 29th 2014   Children and Safety

July 28th 2014   Keep Them Scared

July 26th 2014   For Life and Freedom: Break the Rules

July 25th 2014   What Would Happen if "Battle of Athens" Round Two Ever Becomes Necessary?

July 24th 2014   One Week Offer Special: 25% off all JPFO store products

July 23rd 2014   Media Matters Twists Reality to Monger Fear of .50 Caliber Rifles

July 22nd 2014   Why I'm Jewish and believe in gun-rights

July 21st 2014   The Future of Gun Rights in America

July 19th 2014   How a calamitous century helped win us our rights

July 18th 2014   The Biggest Public Health Threat is Government

July 17th 2014   The Roadmap For Gun Control

July 16th 2014   Bloomberg's Self-Defense Catch-22 is an Old Trick in "Gun Control" Playbook

July 15th 2014   Not My Problem

July 14th 2014   "Being Honest Messed Up My Life"

July 12th 2014   Dispatch from the Future

July 11th 2014   'Gun Death' Rate Scams Designed to Defraud Public Out of Rights

July 10th 2014   The First Responders Report

July 9th 2014   Self-defense, or Defense Against Tyranny--Does it Really Matter?

July 8th 2014   A Walk On The Dark Side

July 7th 2014   Winning!

July 5th 2014   The Good Guys and Their Guns

July 4th 2014   Gun "Buyback" Endangers Public in Order to Score Political Points

July 3rd 2014   Concealed Carry vs Evil

July 2nd 2014   Trampling 2nd Amendment Not Enough for Gun Ban Zealots

July 1st 2014   Gun Crime & Ownership: Arm Yourself With The Facts

June 30th 2014   How About We Regulate Alcohol And Cigarettes?

June 28th 2014   What We Owe Ourselves Alone

June 27th 2014   Connecticut Gun Commission Exhibits Mental Issues of Its Own

June 26th 2014   The real gun problem is mental health, not the NRA

June 25th 2014   Author Claims Democrat "Gun Control" Timidity Undermines Constitution

June 24th 2014   A Bird In The Hand

June 23rd 2014   Gun Grabbers Getting Desperate

June 21st 2014   Kill Privacy -- Kill Gun Rights

June 20th 2014   Minority Gun Owners Share No "Stigma of Violence"

June 19th 2014   I love My Guns

June 18th 2014   Supreme Court Ruling is About Registration, not Crime Control

June 17th 2014   Is There Really an Epidemic of Mass Shootings?

June 16th 2014   Lying Liars And The Lies They Tell

June 14th 2014   What to do When the "Moms" and their Monied Minions are Getting You Down

June 13th 2014   Tell people who've saved their lives with a gun "It never happens"

June 12th 2014   New Offers: The ESEE Izula knife combo deals

June 11th 2014   "Gun Control" Advocates Respond to Las Vegas Killings by Advocating Tyranny

June 10th 2014   Why gun control is a Jewish issue

June 9th 2014   Crafting The Narrative

June 8th 2014   SWAT Team Baby Burning -- More Police Militarization?

June 7th 2014   "Terroristic" Dress-code Violations and Other Threats to Gun Ownership

June 6th 2014   Holder reanimates "Frankenstein monster"

June 5th 2014   Kavod Custom Training Opportunity

June 3rd 2014   Intentions Matter

June 2nd 2014   Using Tragedy To Further Political Goals

May 31st 2014   Willful Ignorance -- Why do so many anti-gunners choose it?

May 30th 2014   'Star Power' Explains Double Standard on Guns

May 29th 2014   Putting Gun Death Statistics in Perspective

May 28th 2014   "Gun Control" Agenda Requires Heinous "Gun Violence"

May 27th 2014   Gun-Free Zones Magnets For Armed Thugs

May 26th 2014   In Memory (Lest We Forget)

May 24th 2014   Unintended Consequences and the Difference Between Us and Them

May 23rd 2014   Author, Hollywood screenwriter and veteran says he could kill again over guns

May 22nd 2014   Armed with Holocaust memory and guns, L.A. Jews aim true

May 21st 2014   Brady Campaign - "Smart Gun" Lawsuit Illustrates Mandate Plan

May 20th 2014   Faith and Firearms

May 19th 2014   Gun Grabber Lies

May 18th 2014   MORAL PANIC: Implanting anti-weapon hysteria in future generations

May 16th 2014   Nigerian people caught in perfect storm of tyranny and terrorism

May 15th 2014   Gun Control Advocates are Paying for Fake Studies

May 14th 2014   "Assault Weapons," "Cosmetic Features," and "Gun Control"

May 13th 2014   Anti-Gun NJ Politician Confused About Guns

May 12th 2014   When Governments Fail

May 10th 2014   It's Even Worse: Operation Choke Point Threatens Both Guns and Common Decency

May 9th 2014   UK 'journalists' epitomize snotty attitude toward U.S. gun owners

May 8th 2014   Two Packages: Life Member Special, and, 25th-Anniversary Special

May 7th 2014   Another Proposal to "Improve" the Second Amendment, by Rendering it Toothless

May 6th 2014   Welcome to "Chill-out Corner"

May 5th 2014   Respect for Life

May 4th 2014   Good Reads for the Second Amendment

May 3rd 2014   After Numerous Attempts, Dr. Ben Carson Still Can't Figure out "Shall Not Be Infringed"

May 2nd 2014   Bust the myth that police are the 'Only Ones' who can be trusted with guns

May 1st 2014   Gun Ban Zealots' Big Money Can't Buy Grassroots, But is Still a Threat

April 30th 2014   Government supremacist uses hate term to push citizen disarmament

April 29th 2014   Open Carry Civility, Part 2

April 28th 2014   On Winning: What Will it Take?

April 27th 2014   An Alertness Refresher: Know what is there

April 26th 2014   Marijuana Legalization and Armed Self-Defense Pose Legal Paradox

April 25th 2014   FBI search for domestic menace fails to account for own threat

April 24th 2014   ATF, Obama Administration, Keep Tightening the Screws by Executive Fiat

April 23rd 2014   Whatever SCOTUS decides in gun carry case, infringements will continue

April 22nd 2014   Civility Works Both Ways

April 21st 2014   Children And Guns - An Iowa Fail

April 20th 2014   Blooming Dishonesty

April 19th 2014   Bundy Ranch Showdown Proves Militias Can Stop Government Excesses

April 18th 2014   Flyers calling for registration of Jews in Ukraine provide chilling reminder of past

April 17th 2014   Announcing the "IZULA" ® special knife offer

April 17th 2014   Justice Stevens (Inadvertently?) Admits RKBA Unconnected to Militia Service

April 16th 2014   Kansas Jewish facility shootings show 'Never again' must be more than words

April 15th 2014   Trusted official Serves Himself and his Pals

April 14th 2014   "Mental Health" as a Disarmament Tool

April 13th 2014   A Giant Has Awoken: Resistance in the Blue Zone

April 12th 2014   "Smart" Guns, Their Surprising Critics, and Powerful Allies

April 11th 2014   Gun Rights Advocates Bid Farewell to Civil Rights Icon Otis McDonald

April 10th 2014   Paper's call for mutual tolerance ignores its own attacks on gun owners

April 9th 2014   Neither Smart Nor Safe: Holder, His Cronies, and "Smart Guns"

April 8th 2014   School's "Duty" to Treat Student as Terrorist for Holding a Pencil Wrong?

April 7th 2014   Small Arms Survey: Biased Reporting, Anti-Freedom Goals

April 6th 2014   Women and Guns, Women and Freedom

April 5th 2014   Ft. Hood: Soldiers Turned by Policy into Targets

April 4th 2014   Guns Galore in the Spotlight

April 3rd 2014   In Kentucky, Any "War on Women" Will Face Armed Resistance

April 2nd 2014   No Room for 'Politeness' in 2A Advocacy

April 1st 2014   Pop Tart Gun Ban Could be a Thing of the Past in Florida

March 31st 2014   Baristas Refuse to be Victims

March 30th 2014   So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

March 29th 2014   Yee Will Not Be Punished for His Worst Crimes

March 28th 2014   Middle School Students Learn Gun Safety, Marksmanship, and Liberty

March 27th 2014   The Hatemongers of the "Gun Control" Movement

March 26th 2014   IL Middle School Unapologetic about Teaching "Shall Be Infringed" Version of 2At

March 25th 2014   "Journalist" Attacks 9-Year Old

March 24th 2014   Guns as a Health Issue

March 23rd 2014   The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

March 22nd 2014   The Good and Bad of Dianne Feinstein

March 21st 2014   Man Gets Raided For Gun Tattoo

March 12th 2014   Deep research into MAIG by a non-partisan organization

March 10th 2014   Connecticut Politicians Inch Closer to War on Gun Owners

March 8th 2014   How many NY gun owners registered so far?

March 6th 2014   Yes, Connecticut's "Turn In Your Assault Weapon" Letter Is Real

March 4th 2014   Clarksville Student Suspended For Knife In Father's Car

March 2nd 2014   Connecticut Moves One Step Closer To All Out Confiscation Of Guns & Magazines

February 28th 2014   Official CT State Police spokesman says they would confiscate

February 27th 2014   Illinois Attacks Freedom! Every Gun Maker & Gun Owner Should Leave Illinois Now!

February 26th 2014   San Diego will not appeal 9th Circuit Court Decision

February 25th 2014   Broken Military Firearms Arrests

February 23rd 2014   The JPFO 25th Anniversay Package

February 21st 2014   "Gun Control is not Kosher", Returns

February 20th 2014   ID or not ID -- that is the question

February 19th 2014   ABC News reports on guns mislead Americans

February 18th 2014   School Shooting Hits Russia Despite Prohibitive Gun Laws

February 17th 2014   CT Pols Shocked That 'Tens of Thousands' of Gun Owners Defy Registration Laws

February 15th 2014   News Items: Saturday Potpourri

February 14th 2014   7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP

February 13th 2014   CA Ninth Circuit Strikes Down "Good Cause" Carry Provision

February 12th 2014   Two Grand to be True

February 11th 2014   SAFE Act doesn't stop innovative New Yorkers

February 10th 2014   Karma catches up with school gun ban activist

February 9th 2014   Book reminder and, Jerry Miculek explores a new firearm term

February 8th 2014   Kelly again uses faulty examples to push gun control measure

February 7th 2014   And The War on the Second Amendment Continues

February 6th 2014   SPECIAL NOTICES

February 5th 2014   Sneaky Talking Points About Gun Control

February 4th 2014   DOJ Report: Firearm-Related Murders Down 39% Since 1993

February 3rd 2014   Kansas considers preemption bill

February 2nd 2014   I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

February 1st 2014   Children and Guns

January 31st 2014   20 children hospitalized for gun injuries every day in US

January 29th 2014   JPFO Celebrates its 25th Anniversary -- And YOU receive the gifts!

January 28th 2014   An Open Letter to Meryl Streep

January 26th 2014   Book Offer: Gun Control in the Third Reich

January 25th 2014   Smith & Wesson to End Most CA Sales Due to Microstamping Regulation

January 24th 2014   JPFO is 25 Years Young: And Look What We've Done -- With YOUR Help!

January 23rd 2014   New Mexico: House Bill 44 Pre-Filed, Reincarnation of Gun Control House Bill 77

January 22nd 2014   Collectors work crowds at gun buyback events for rare finds

January 21st 2014   Film producer warns, Meryl Streep movie will make NRA 'wish they weren't alive

January 19th 2014   Alabama store -- CCW neutralizes gunman

January 17th 2014   Member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Jailed for Gun-Related Crime

January 16th 2014   Mass Shootings in America - Moving Beyond Newtown

January 15th 2014   The wrong house - career criminal meets his fate

January 14th 2014   Grand-Corps against "Zero Tolerance"

January 13th 2014   Teachers need guns

January 12th 2014   Mental health issue as weapon to take away guns

January 11th 2014   Household Gun Ownership on Rise in U.S.

January 10th 2014   Utah gun maker turns down $15M deal with Pakistan

January 8th 2014   New Study Demolishes Almost Every Gun Control Myth

January 7th 2014   Pot And Kettle Projection

January 6th 2014   Obama issues new executive actions on background checks for gun purchases

January 5th 2014   New York's Fact-Free Gun Ruling

January 4th 2014   Detroit police chief: Legal gun owners can deter crime

January 3rd 2014   Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the 2A?

January 2nd 2014   Weimar Germany?: The CT viral photo giving some gun owners chills

January 1st 2014   Does 2nd Amendment trump 4th Amendment?


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