February 9th 2014

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Jerry Miculek explores a new firearm term

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The 1911 Pistols draw -- NOTE: Draw is now closed. The drawing is expected 2/8/14, and the winners will be announced soon after.


We still have copies of Stephen Halbrook's "Gun Control in the Third Reich". Is America going down the same path as Nazi gun control? The Jews at JPFO have known about this all along, and now, a world-class scholar has put it in a book that reads like a Tom Clancy thriller. But it's actually all fact. Get your copy. Read it, and you can start waking up your neighbors.

We are all used to the antis' frequent misuse or total ignorance of firearm terms - be they politicians, the media, or just Joe Public. The most common is the regular misuse of "Assault Rifle", although perhaps at a pinch, we might just be able to swallow the use of "Assault style".

We have come across possibly the most amazingly ridiculous firearm terminology heard recently, as shown by California State Senator Kevin De León: "This is a "ghost gun." This right here has ability with a 30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. 30-magazine clip in half a second ....". What?!!

Jerry Miculek sets about demonstrating this joke in a video report -->

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