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2011 Alerts

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2011 Alerts

December 29th 2011   Addendum to Dec 28th Alert

December 28th 2011   Aaron Zelman and the NRA

December 24th 2011   JPFO’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory:

December 22nd 2011   Get the new JPFO bumper sticker!

December 21st 2011   A year without Aaron Zelman

December 20th 2011   A Chanukah Greeting from Rabbi Bendory

December 14th 2011   Greeks Bearing Gifts

December 13th 2011   JPFO’s Rabbi Bendory in the news again! And you won’t believe where…

December 12th 2011   Jewish groups ban concealed weapons

December 5th 2011   JPFO T-Shirts are here now!

December 4th 2011   An Open Letter to the Arizona Republic Newspaper

November 30th 2011   The gun-phobic mindset revealed

November 29th 2011   Do We Need New Gun Laws?

November 24th 2011   A Thanksgiving Prayer from Rabbi Bendory.

November 21st 2011   Do Jewish "Gun Control" Advocates Fuel Anti-Semitism?

November 17th 2011   The Four Steps Towards England, revised

November 15th 2011   Bill of Rights Day approaches

November 11th 2011   The Four Steps Towards England

November 3rd 2011   Where are the Second Amendment’s Billionaires?

October 29th 2011   Rabbi Bendory on Liberty Watch Radio

October 27th 2011   JPFO responds to Jewish Democrat group’s twisted accusation.

October 23rd 2011   Trick or Treat for Freedom.

October 19th 2011   Does George Soros control Remington Arms?

October 7th 2011   Andrew Breitbart and guns video, opinion poll results.

October 5th 2011   Out of the Frying Pan?

October 3rd 2011   Is this going too far?

October 1st 2011   JPFO’s "David and Goliath Award" 2011!

September 27th 2011   JPFO’s Executive Director Charles Heller on Armed Armed American Radio.

September 23rd 2011   Rabbi Bendory sends out a wake-up call to America.

September 20th 2011   More super accurate "intellectual ammunition" from JPFO.

September 14th 2011   The Brady Center’s Colin Goddard, professional liar.

September 6th 2011   Please share an important new JPFO promotional video.

September 1st 2011   BATFE / Department of Justice cover up is now officially disgusting.

August 29th 2011   Please use this valuable 2A awareness tool!

August 26th 2011   "Gunfight", a JPFO book review.

August 25th 2011   "Intellectual Ammunition" sale!

August 24th 2011   JPFO Calls for Repeal of Phony Gun-Free School Zones Law.

August 17th 2011   Please take our JPFO t-shirt survey.

August 11th 2011   Rabbi Bendory has some heartfelt advice regarding "flash mobs".

August 8th 2011   JPFO’s "No Guns for Jews" awards.

August 2nd 2011   JPFO Advisor and Gun Law Maven, Alan Korwin, faces down the "elephant in the room" regarding the truth about gun violence in our nation’s cities.

July 29th 2011   JPFO’s Executive Director, Charles Heller, takes on Brady Center poster boy.

July 26th 2011   re: Rolley’s "buck a bullet" ammo tax proposal.

July 22nd 2011   Rabbi Bendory Gives Baltimore Mayoral Candidate a Reality Check.

July 21st 2011   How’s this for a clear thinking politician?

July 13th 2011   Its time for some "gun control".

July 8th 2011   JPFO’s Response to Mayor Bloomberg’s Deceitful TV Ad.

July 1st 2011   The Insidious Semantics of "gun control"

June 23rd 2011   JPFO announces our new Executive Director

June 16th 2011   JPFO's Rabbi Bendory in the News Again!

June 14th 2011   Joke of the Day - Sad but True

June 10th 2011   New Sarah Brady Handbill Available Now!

June 7th 2011   JPFO's Rabbi Bendory to Sarah Brady

June 3rd 2011   JPFO’s Rabbi Bendory to speak at major NJ synagogue ... and more!

May 24th 2011   "Armed and Jewish" Interview with Arizona's Charles Heller.

May 23rd 2011   What Makes Rabbi Bendory "Very, Very Nervous"?

May 20th 2011   Remembering John Leveron.

May 19th 2011   Finding other JPFO people.

May 16th 2011   Rabbi Bendory has more for Anti-2A Senator Silverstein.

May 11th 2011   JPFO'S Rabbi Bendory to an Anti-Gun Jewish Politician.

May 6th 2011   JPFO's Rabbi Bendory at Picatinny Army Arsenal, May 5, 2011

May 4th 2011   Proof of the Pudding Time for NRA

May 3rd 2011   JPFO'S Rabbi Bendory Interviewed on Fox News Chicago

April 27th 2011   Can We Prevent a Second Civil War?

April 21st 2011   2A Hero, Alan Gura, Explains the Realities of Pro-Gun Litigation

April 19th 2011   Support JPFO and Learn Critical Gun Skills at The Same Time

April 13th 2011   The Sixth Reason

April 5th 2011   How to Answer The Magazine Ban Pushers

March 31st 2011   "Intellectual Ammunition" Reminder.

March 30th 2011   JPFO Introduces "Buster Bullet". - a new handbill

March 29th 2011   Five Reasons Why ..

March 23rd 2011   The "High Cap Freedom" Tactic

March 22nd 2011   The NRA's Letter to Obama - opinion survey comments

March 21st 2011   JPFO Launches "High Cap Freedom"

March 17th 2011   The NRA's Letter to Obama - opinion survey

March 16th 2011   The NRA's Letter to Obama

March 11th 2011   The Rabbi's Letter is Connecting

March 10th 2011   A Great New Freedom Tool for You to Use

March 9th 2011   FOID farce in Illinois

March 7th 2011   More for Mayor Bloomberg

March 4th 2011   A Rabbi's Letter to Michael Bloomberg

March 1st 2011   Time for National Carry

February 25th 2011   Red Light, Green Light - Survey Results

February 21st 2011   Red Light, Green Light - Kirby Ferris article, with attached survey (time limited).

February 18th 2011   Any Excuse - Kirby Ferris article.

February 17th 2011   Armed and Jewish - Candace Dainty - Interview

February 11th 2011   Armed and Jewish - Rabbi Bendory - Interview

February 9th 2011   Wouldn't it be Terrible? - an article by Kirby Ferris.

February 7th 2011   Curable or Incurable?

February 3rd 2011   Good Cop ... Bad Cop

February 1st 2011   A Dire Warning to American Jews - from Rabbi Bendory.

January 27th 2011   The Elephant in The Room - an article by Kirby Ferris.

January 25th 2011   The Next One - an article by Kirby Ferris.

January 20th 2011   Aaron Zelman Memorial Comments

January 17th 2011   A Memorial to Aaron Zelman


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