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2021 Alerts

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2021 Alerts

December 31st 2021   David Hogg is Confused: None of Our Rights Are Absolute

December 29th 2021   To Home Carry, or Not To Home Carry: A Battle of Experts

December 28th 2021   NV Supreme Court Halts Lawsuit Against Gun Makers

December 27th 2021   Keep Your Dreams of 'Gun Control' Out of the Mouths of our Founding Fathers

December 24th 2021   Quick Draw or Slow

December 23rd 2021   Protect Due Process and Innocence Presumption for Michigan School Shooter Parents

December 22nd 2021   An Opinion on 'Gun Control'

December 21st 2021   A Nation of Cowards

December 20th 2021   Why Wearing a Gun in the Home is a Good Idea

December 17th 2021   Reflections on Waco and Sanctioned Murder

December 15th 2021   CA Continues to be Irrationally Anti 2A

December 14th 2021   Read the Bill of Rights out loud

December 14th 2021   Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day

December 13th 2021   NJ's Latest Anti Gun 'Catch All' Scheme

December 10th 2021   Who is The Personal Protection Therapist in Your Life?

December 8th 2021   PA's Constitutional Carry Law is Common Sense - Opinion

December 7th 2021   The Libertarian Stance on 'Gun Control': A Beginner's Guide

December 6th 2021   DC: Blame The Guns - Offer Snitching Rewards

December 3rd 2021   More Gun Laws Needed it Seems, After MI School Murders

December 1st 2021   Laws for the Little Guys

November 30th 2021   Kyle Trial Puts Left in Denial

November 29th 2021   Second Amendment Censorship

November 26th 2021   'Gun Buybacks' Proof that Desperate 'Authorities' Need Scapegoats

November 24th 2021   JPFO's "Don't Mug Me Mug"

November 23rd 2021   Children and Firearms Safety

November 22nd 2021   Kyle Trial Ends in Justice

November 19th 2021   'Gun Control' Support Drops to Lowest Level Since 2014

November 17th 2021   Our 2A Rights & Freedoms

November 16th 2021   Prosecutor Gun Handling Skills

November 15th 2021   Will SCOTUS Decide How Polite an Armed Society Will Be?

November 12th 2021   Is the UN Arms Treaty Dead - or Not?

November 10th 2021   IL Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun and Ammo Tax As Unconstitutional

November 9th 2021   The Alec Baldwin Gun-Safety Act

November 8th 2021   The Right to Bear Arms Gets Its Day in Court

November 5th 2021   Victory Likely in SCOTUS' Landmark Gun-Rights Case

November 3rd 2021   The Coequal 1st & 2nd Amendments

November 2nd 2021   Chipman Spouts Lies to Smear the Firearm Industry

November 1st 2021   "Ghost Gun" Homemade Shotguns At Columbus "Buyback"

October 29th 2021   A Distributed Capacity for Violence: A Brief History of Weapons Technology & Political Power

October 27th 2021   SCOTUS's Latest 2A Case Isn't about Race, It's about Rights

October 26th 2021   The Baldwin Shooting, and Safety Matters

October 25th 2021   Current List of Anti-Gun Businesses You Might like to Avoid

October 22nd 2021   Americans with guns are safer than the gunless

October 20th 2021   Gun Control's Racist Roots Exposed in SCOTUS Brief

October 19th 2021   Inclusion and Equity = Exclusion and Inequity

October 18th 2021   NJ rabbi designs concealed-carry coat for Shabbat

October 15th 2021   King County, WA Illustrates Failure of 'Gun Control' Laws

October 13th 2021   Grassroots Update – Oct 11, 2021

October 12th 2021   Anti-gunners Launch Campaign to Intimidate SCOTUS as 2A Case Looms

October 11th 2021   Is The Administration and Congress Playing Americans for Dupes?

October 8th 2021   Make Life More Dangerous for Violent Felons

October 7th 2021   What Does "AR" Stand For?

October 6th 2021   Elite Media Can’t Stop Lying About American Guns

October 4th 2021   Anti-Gun Media Panicking Over SCOTUS Decisions

October 1st 2021   Far More Defensive Gun Uses Than Murders. Here's Why You Rarely Hear of Them

September 29th 2021   ATF didn't Officially Define Shoulder Stocked Pistols as "Short Barreled Rifles" until 1961

September 28th 2021   Biden Admin Asks SCOTUS to Judicially Nullify the RKBA

September 27th 2021   Biden Wants Your 9 mm and ...

September 24th 2021   What is The Logic of a Fed Agency Led by Those Wanting The Industry to Die?

September 23rd 2021   Multiple Dangers To Second Amendment From Biden IRS Proposal

September 21st 2021   Guns are Used Responsibly in the United States

September 20th 2021   Do Guns Still Need Their Own Tax Agency?

September 17th 2021   We're Not Insurrectionists, Gabby

September 15th 2021   2021 Gun Rights Policy Conference - Online Sept 25-26th

September 14th 2021   Which Weapons Are Most Commonly Used for Homicides?

September 13th 2021   Debate Over Immigrants' Gun Rights Ignites In 2nd Circ. Case

September 10th 2021   Hoplophobia: The Four Types of Gun Phobia

September 8th 2021   NICS: Gun Sales for August, 2021

September 7th 2021   Do 2A Sanctuary Laws Really Carry Any Weight?

September 6th 2021   UN Global Arms Treaty Ready to be Rejoined

September 3rd 2021   Corpus Linguistics & Bearing Arms

August 31st 2021   If they can vote--can they keep and bear arms?

August 30th 2021   CDC Director Commits to More 'Gun-Violence' Research

August 27th 2021   Giffords Spreads Lies to Push Antigun Agenda

August 25th 2021   “Red Flag” Case – Florida Man’s Rights Virtually Disappear

August 24th 2021   No Vaxx, No Guns: a New Secret Plan For Gun Confiscation ~ LISTEN

August 23rd 2021   Admin Bans Importation of Russian Guns and Ammunition

August 20th 2021   Court Rules Two Hawaii 'Gun Control' Laws Violate the 2A

August 18th 2021   Taxpayer-Funded Advocacy

August 17th 2021   Grassroots Update – Aug 16, 2021

August 16th 2021   Delegated Power Matters

August 13th 2021   State Opportunities to Repeal Bans on Hearing Safety/Gun Mufflers

August 11th 2021   Anti-gun Chipman unsuited to run the ATF

August 10th 2021   Debunking the ACLU’s Racist Anti-Gun Narrative

August 9th 2021   Biden Seeks to Outlaw LEGAL Gun Activity

August 6th 2021   An Armed Populace is the Bulwark of Liberty

August 4th 2021   Americans Aren't Buying Biden's Gun Control Agenda

August 3rd 2021   New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Corlett, The Black Attorneys Legal Aid Brief

August 2nd 2021   OP-ED: America will not be disarmed!

July 30th 2021   Czech Republic: a Right to Armed Self Defense

July 28th 2021   "The Gun Problem" is a Social Issue

July 27th 2021   Opinion: Getting Serious About Crime

July 26th 2021   CO Rep. Steve Woodrow Would Rather See You Die Than Defend With a Firearm

July 23rd 2021   Gun Sales Drop Significantly in June of 2021

July 21st 2021   Research Update: It's [Still] Not the Guns

July 20th 2021   Marginalized Minorities are at Greater Risk

July 20th 2021   Will The Biden Regime Call 2A Activism Misinformation?

July 19th 2021   Chicago Suffers 1,587 Criminal Shootings

July 16th 2021   'Gun Violence'?: Just Ban Gun Production and Sales for 20 Years!

July 14th 2021   OK, Terry, You're Crazy

July 13th 2021   Chipman's Deleted Tweets Tell Us All We Need to Know about His Character

July 12th 2021   Cuomo "Gun Violence" Emergency Less than it Seems

July 9th 2021   FBI Statistics, Firearms 2019

July 8th 2021   'Cuomo's Emergency Order Blames Guns for His Incompetence'

July 7th 2021   Texas Removes Ban on Gun Suppressors,"Silencers"

July 6th 2021   American History Lesson for President Biden

July 5th 2021   Media Malpractice in 2021

July 2nd 2021   Guns and Proportion- data on violence from 2019

June 30th 2021   Second Amendment will be Nullified if 'Common Use' is Restricted to 'Popularity'

June 29th 2021   Why Did it Have to be ... Guns?

June 28th 2021   Judge Benitez: Miller v. Becerra, AR15 Rifles ARE Protected by Second Amendment!

June 25th 2021   Open Carry: A Right or a Fashion Statement?

June 23rd 2021   Feds Can't Compel States to Enforce Restrictions on Guns or Immigrants

June 22nd 2021   Gun Control Isn't Crime Control

June 21st 2021   Missouri Now Refuses to Enforce Certain Federal Gun Laws

June 18th 2021   JPFO Applauds Texas Constitutional Carry

June 16th 2021   CA Mayor Seeks to Mandate Insurance, 'Violence' Tax on 'Law-Abiding' Gun Owners

June 15th 2021   Everything Comes Back to 'Gun Control'

June 14th 2021   Grassroots Update – June 14, 2021

June 11th 2021   ATF Proposed Rule to Make Pistols More Concealable, More Taxed

June 9th 2021   The Unconstitutional AR-15 Ban- A Legal Decision We Can Understand

June 8th 2021   ATF Nominee Supports Extreme Rifle Ban!

June 7th 2021   After Months of Decline, WA Adds Back Almost 5,000 CPLs

June 4th 2021   New York Dems Once More Prove No Gun Laws Will Ever Be 'Enough'

June 2nd 2021   Columbia Journalism Review Sets New Standards For Biased Reporting

May 31st 2021   What Would Microstamping Ammo Do to Stop Violent Gun Crime? ... Nothing!

May 28th 2021   TX: Constitutional Carry to go to Governor Abbott

May 27th 2021   Columbia Journalism Review Abandons Neutrality and Adopts 'Gun-Control' Advocacy

May 26th 2021   Psaki Blames Guns for the Actions of Criminals

May 25th 2021   New Report on Continued Gun Sales

May 24th 2021   JPFO condemns the Columbia Journalism Review manifesto

May 21st 2021   MN Turns Down CCW Application - Violation of ADA?

May 19th 2021   Supreme Court Smacks Down Gun-Grabbers' Confiscation Dreams

May 18th 2021   Media Betrayal and the End of the Trust Society

May 17th 2021   Bidens' Fanciful Executive Lip Service Action-Orders

May 14th 2021   Senators Schooled on the Truth About 'Ghost Guns'

May 12th 2021   'Gun Control' Spends Bigly. What Are They Buying?

May 11th 2021   Some Pro-2A Ideas For Republicans In Congress To Ponder

May 10th 2021   Learn to Think Like Someone Who Chose to be Unarmed

May 7th 2021   Response to Anti-Gun Brit's Piece - "A Civilized Society?"

May 5th 2021   Does "Positive Racism" Exist in America?

May 4th 2021   Genocide: Never Again, and Again

May 3rd 2021   Restoring Second Amendment Rights: Incrementalism vs All or Nothing

April 30th 2021   Biden Talked About Guns for 3 Minutes ... and Got Most Everything Wrong

April 29th 2021   Racism isn't the Problem—

April 28th 2021   House Republicans Introduce Gun Rights and Marijuana Act

April 27th 2021   SCOTUS to Hear Case on NY Carry

April 26th 2021   Did the Founders Blow It?

April 23rd 2021   Americans Aren't Buying The Left's 'Gun Control'

April 22nd 2021   Journalists Brazenly Give Biden Cover --

April 21st 2021   Below The Radar – Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act of 2021

April 20th 2021   Biden's Anti-gun Lies are Too Much Even for Legacy Press Fact Checkers

April 19th 2021   'Gun Control': Aiming at the Wrong Targets?

April 16th 2021   Governor Murphy is at it Again

April 14th 2021   'Biden Determined to Trample on 2A' Says Anti-Biden Super PAC Chair

April 13th 2021   Gun Control' and the Dangers of David Chipman

April 12th 2021   Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) Signs Constitutional Carry

April 9th 2021   The 3 Biggest Lies Biden Told About Guns

April 8th 2021   Do What's Needed to Stop Genocide!

April 7th 2021   CA: 9th Circuit Appeals Court - No "Right to Bear Arms" in 2A

April 6th 2021   4 Reasons 'Gun Control' Can't Solve America's Violence Problem

April 5th 2021   Let's All Rewrite The Gun Debate Narrative

April 2nd 2021   Founders - All Federal Gun Restrictions Are Unconstitutional

March 31st 2021   Busch's Theory of Relativity

March 30th 2021   JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock Loses 2 Minutes

March 30th 2021   To Locate Truth, One Must Embrace Freedom of Ideological Exchange

March 29th 2021   California Sues to Force ATF to Outlaw Homemade Guns. Part 2

March 26th 2021   Isn't Voting More Dangerous Than Guns?

March 25th 2021   Biden & Capitol Hill Gun-Banners Rush to Exploit Boulder Bloodshed

March 24th 2021   Voting Must Be Restricted!

March 23rd 2021   The Brady Act Is Unconstitutional

March 22nd 2021   How a Texas Cop Stopped the Jihadi Attack in Garland, Texas

March 19th 2021   Congressional "Squad" Invited to Recognize Holocaust Remembrance Day

March 17th 2021   Feinstein Takes Another Crack At Banning America's Most Popular Rifles. Again

March 16th 2021   The Neck Knife

March 15th 2021   The Attack on the U.S. Constitution

March 12th 2021   House Gun Bills, Status Quo

March 10th 2021   Guns are Not a Disease

March 9th 2021   The Moronic Myths Of Microstamping

March 8th 2021   Orwellian Media Phrase: "Legally Registered"

March 5th 2021   "Gun Sanctuary Policy" Endorsed

March 3rd 2021   PA Dem Has Right Idea to Fight Crime

March 2nd 2021   California Model: Soft on Violent Firearm Crimes, Hard on Gun-Owners

March 1st 2021   Reminder - The Anti-Gun Bill From Hell

February 26th 2021   The 2nd Amendment Literally Requires Military Weapons Ownership by Citizens

February 24th 2021   Mr President - About Your 'Gun Control'

February 23rd 2021   Gun Ownership is Not Insurrection, It's Patriotism, Try Telling That to Gun Banners

February 22nd 2021   'Pie-in-the-Sky' Smart Guns and AI

February 20th 2021   Disarming Jews is Verbotten!

February 19th 2021   Mind Reading - With Safety In Mind

February 17th 2021   Ryan Petty on American's Rights (Video)

February 16th 2021   The Shifting Semantics of Anti-Gunners

February 15th 2021   Three Roads to Perdition

February 12th 2021   No, 'Gun Violence' Isn't A Health Epidemic

February 10th 2021   Continuing Gun Voter Betrayals, Rubio Adds Blacklists to Red Flags

February 9th 2021   Dems Avoid Crime Control in New Gun Bill

February 8th 2021   MN Rep Seeks Changes for Medical Cannabis Users to Get Gun Permits

February 5th 2021   'AR' Stands for 'Anyone's Right'

February 3rd 2021   Anti-Gunner Admits 'New Presidency is Dream Come True'

February 2nd 2021   Defense of the Second Amendment Falls Short

February 1st 2021   Pysch Evaluations To Exercise 2A Rights? Not A Bright Idea

January 29th 2021   Ammo Is Scarce And Prices Just Keep Jumping

January 27th 2021   Full Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Theodore Haas

January 26th 2021   Gun Laws Don't Stop the Killing

January 25th 2021   The Gun Rights Movement is Not Violent

January 22nd 2021   The Presidential Campaign Demonstrated a Need

January 20th 2021   ATF and the Pistol Brace Debacle

January 19th 2021   NE Govr: No Problem with Open Carry at Protests. 2A Rights Prevail

January 18th 2021   No, The Storming of the Capitol Wasn't a 'Gun Control' Success Story

January 15th 2021   Opinion: Our Bill of Rights: 2nd Amendment

January 14th 2021   The Passing of Sheldon Adelson

January 13th 2021   H.R. 225 Bill Addressing Interstate Firearm Transportation Introduced

January 12th 2021   The American Gun Pledge

January 11th 2021   Get Ready for the Biden Administration's Assault on Gun Makers

January 7th 2021   What Does Merrick Garland Think About The 2A?

January 6th 2021   The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Is Long Overdue

January 5th 2021   Need Another Reason to Carry? Arrests With Convictions - Just 2% of Major Crimes

January 4th 2021   Draconian Anti-2A Restrictions Set To Go Into Effect in Virginia

January 1st 2021   One Year After Attack, Jewish Community Embraces Self-Defense


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