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2018 Alerts

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2018 Alerts

December 31st 2018   The Good News Review of 2018 for Gun Owners

December 28th 2018   Bipartisan Gun Confiscation Support Continues

December 26th 2018   Gun "buyback" Secret: Offer more than Market Value

December 24th 2018   New York State Demands Insurance.. for Me but Not for Thee

December 21st 2018   The Legal Medical Marijuana Guns Travesty

December 20th 2018   Stand With JPFO in 2019 to Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

December 19th 2018   Trump administration moves to ban bump stocks

December 18th 2018   Third Circuit: Second Amendment called a Second Rate Right

December 17th 2018   Feel-Good Laws are Getting Us Killed..and it's our fault.

December 14th 2018   Don't Forget Bill Of Rights Day: Dec. 15

December 12th 2018   Republican Rep. Introduced "Minority Report" Gun Confiscation Bill

December 11th 2018   SCOTUS Grants Cert in Case That Could End Deference to Regulatory Agencies

December 10th 2018   'Gun-Control' Fails in California ... and We Lose

December 7th 2018   NJ - Magazine Restriction Goes Even Further

December 5th 2018   A Jew with guns and no apologies

December 4th 2018   Scary Anti-Gun Legislation Proposed in New York

December 3rd 2018   Should We Leave Our Schools and Churches Unprotected?

November 30th 2018   'Gun Control' Fails New Jersey

November 28th 2018   Using Anti-Semitism Is Standard -- Get Used To It!

November 27th 2018   How to Fight Corporate 'Gun Control'

November 26th 2018   Big Steps to Prevent Attacks at School

November 23rd 2018   John Lott On Why Mass Shooters Go To Gun Free Zones

November 21st 2018   Are Mainstream Media Promoting Murder or Working to Stop It?

November 20th 2018   Killing You Softly with Words- Judge Approves Seattle Gun Storage Law

November 19th 2018   Two Executive Second Amendment Actions Available to President?

November 16th 2018   Dealing with Social Stigmatization of the Second Amendment

November 14th 2018   G-d and Guns in the Synagogue

November 13th 2018   What the Versailles Treaty Teaches about 'Gun Control'

November 12th 2018   What Truly Caused the Pogrom of 1938

November 9th 2018   Anniversary of Kristallnacht

November 7th 2018   After Pittsburgh attack, course offers gun training against shooters in synagogues

November 6th 2018   Why I Came To Synagogue With A Baseball Bat On The Sabbath

November 5th 2018   Armed Citizens Stop Mass Murder- citizens save lives before the police arrive

November 2nd 2018   'Gun Control' Fails Again at the Pittsburgh Synagogue

November 1st 2018   Is Your Right To Defend Yourself Revocable?

October 31st 2018   How Do We Stop Mass Murder?

October 30th 2018   Synagogue Massacre: We Guard What We Value

October 29th 2018   Murderer Meets No Resistance In Pittburgh

October 28th 2018   Pittsburgh Atrocities Are MURDERS--Not "Shootings"

October 26th 2018   Why I voted for Trump: Two Photos

October 24th 2018   Will Election Move The Confiscation Clock?

October 23rd 2018   50 Years of Infringements after GCA68 Show Only Constant is Obsession with Control

October 22nd 2018   Most Americans Still Disconnected about Gun Facts and Violence

October 19th 2018   More Fake News in Florida Boca Magazine

October 17th 2018   Court Rules KS Exempting Guns From Federal Regulations Doesn't Work

October 16th 2018   My 'Gun Control' Unicorn is Named Chet

October 15th 2018   Maybe Even Trilobites

October 12th 2018   Guns for self-defense threatened by Bloomberg

October 10th 2018   LA Attorney General on a Mission

October 9th 2018   Showing Lax School Security - Prosecuted for His Actions

October 8th 2018   Parkland High School Survivor receives David and Goliath Award

October 5th 2018   Non-Violent Offender's Gun Rights Restored

October 3rd 2018   Criminal Commonalities

October 2nd 2018   Who Are Mass Murderers and Why Do They Kill?

October 1st 2018   Defending the First and Second Amendments

September 28th 2018   Media Almost Downplays Murder Event, For Once

September 26th 2018   The Sham of "May Issue" Continues

September 25th 2018   Adopting Gun-grabber Arguments on 'Common Use' Ignores Intent of Second Amendment

September 24th 2018   Expected - HI Gov Files For 9th Circuit en banc Ruling

September 21th 2018   NJ - Anti-Gun Overreach Expanded

September 19th 2018   Are You Sane Enough to Buy Ammo?

September 18th 2018   The Far From Level Playing Field

September 17th 2018   More Truth Leaks Out About 'Gun Control'

September 14th 2018   Armed Protection For Elitist Hypocrite Senator

September 12th 2018   Exposed - NICS Check is a Toothless Scam

September 11th 2018   The Hypocrisy of Anti-Gun Actors

September 10th 2018   Ask the Right Questions to Make Schools Safe

September 7th 2018   The Armed Teachers Issue - Misrepresented

September 5th 2018   A Second Look at a Controversial Study About Defensive Gun Use

September 4th 2018   Who Condemns Celebrity Violence, and Who Benefits from It?

August 31st 2018   George Zimmerman or Bryan Stow: Who Would You Rather Be?

August 29th 2018   Questionable Data

August 28th 2018   "Don't Inspire Evil" Campaign Gains Traction

August 27th 2018   The Sick Disease That Murders Our Kids at School

August 24th 2018   Gun Control Fails Again in Maryland, but Self-Defense Works

August 22nd 2018   Israel - Green Light for Up to 500,000 New Carry Permits

August 21st 2018   Fifth Circuit Court Rejects Professor's Anti Campus CCW Lawsuit

August 20th 2018   Internet platforms and anti-gun bias

August 17th 2018   Gun grabber - "It's wrong to shoot a home invader"!

August 15th 2018   Waist Carry Option Considerations

August 14th 2018   Bogus Studies link CCW To High Homicide Rates

August 13th 2018   July NICS Continues Trend of 2018 as Second Highest Year on Record

August 10th 2018   Ninth Circuit Panel Rules CA Unsafe Handgun Act not Covered by Second Amendment

August 8th 2018   This Wasn't The First Plastic Gun Panic

August 7th 2018   Acting in Imperfect Conditions...

August 6th 2018   Colt .45 - Still Going Strong after a Century

August 3rd 2018   FL Launches Gun Confiscation Program, 467 Forced To Surrender Guns

August 2nd 2018   The 3D Paranoia and Idiocy

August 1st 2018   Hoplophobia: Fearing Power, They Would Take It From Others

July 31st 2018   Who Says We Should Arm School Staff to Protect Our Children?

July 30th 2018   A Russian View on Gun Ownership

July 27th 2018   Surprising 9th Circuit Hawaii Carry Decision

July 25th 2018   Registration (Or Failure Thereof) Leads to Confiscation in South Africa

July 24th 2018   Pew Poll Shows "Smart" Guns Could Cost Thousands of Lives

July 23rd 2018   Gun Control Advocate Misrepresents Massachusetts Court Decision on Common Rifles

July 20th 2018   Prediction: More Guns, Less Suicide During Current Administration

July 18th 2018   Mainstream media complicit in conspiracy to defraud America (for 'gun control')

July 17th 2018   "Never Again!" Belongs to the Holocaust

July 16th 2018   Maine and NH Legislators Pressure Gun Store to Stop Selling Rifles

July 13th 2018   Halbrook Shoots Down Bogus Claim about the Second Amendment

July 11th 2018   Another Year of Campus Carry..Yawn

July 10th 2018   Taking guns from the mentally ill is not as easy as it seems

July 9th 2018   The MD "Gun-free-zone" that claimed victims

July 6th 2018   U.S. Promises "Full Implementation" of UN Gun-control Agreement

July 5th 2018   Major Media Outlet Faulted Repeatedly

July 3rd 2018   The art of misdirection: The Left is manipulating the narrative on gun-control

July 2nd 2018   Gun Control Fails Again in Annapolis, MD Newspaper Attack

June 29th 2018   Don't Mess With the People of Goochland...

June 27th 2018   'Gun Control" by Cost Hikes

June 26th 2018   Time for a History Lesson about 'Gun Control'

June 25th 2018   UN Continues Fight To Disarm All Americans

June 22nd 2018   A Treatise to ATF Regarding 'Bump Stocks'

June 20th 2018   Civilians Stop Mass Murder- the real news you didn't see

June 19th 2018   Second Amendment Fight Protects More than Guns

June 18th 2018   The Gun Culture's Dirty Little Secret

June 15th 2018   Recent Lies About 'Gun Control'

June 13th 2018   NC: School Protection Bill Dropped Because of Election Year

June 12th 2018   Replacing Emotions With FACTS ...

June 11th 2018   How to Reduce Your Risk of Death From Armed Attack

June 8th 2018   Playing the Chicago System

June 6th 2018   Bill would bring California handgun restrictions to North Carolina

June 5th 2018   'Gun Control' Through Taxation

June 4th 2018   How To Get Inside the Mind of Someone Who Wants a Disarmed Population

June 1st 2018   Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers- Part 2

May 30th 2018   Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers- Part 1

May 29th 2018   End This MSM Glorification

May 28th 2018   This Is Where I Came In

May 25th 2018   17 Facts That 'Gun Control' Advocates Hate

May 23rd 2018   News Outlets That Feature and Name Mass Murderers Border on Criminality

May 22nd 2018   News Outlets That Name or Show Mass Murderers Themselves Act Criminally

May 21st 2018   Liberals Must Step Back for School Safety

May 18th 2018   The Right to Self-Defense is the Core of Liberty- Here’s Why

May 16th 2018   Enough Is Enough

May 15th 2018   'Assault Weapons,' Explained

May 14th 2018   FL: Hernando County looking to Restore Exercise of Second Amendment Rights to County Workers

May 11th 2018   CA Dem Wants Your "Assault" Weapons, by Any Means

May 9th 2018   U.S. District Court finds Some Felons Have Second Amendment Rights

May 8th 2018   Electronic Health Records Threaten the Second Amendment

May 7th 2018   Some Missouri Clergy Want State to Enforce their Views

May 4th 2018   School Zero Tolerance Goes Beyond Extreme

May 2nd 2018   Two Can Play That Game

May 1st 2018   CDC Failed to Report Strong Evidence of Defensive Gun Uses

April 30th 2018   Thoughts on The Bill of Rights

April 27th 2018   Confiscation by "Star Chamber" Courts

April 25th 2018   Repeal ALL 'Gun Control', Including Licensing of CCW

April 24th 2018   Grief and 'Gun Control'

April 23rd 2018   Legally Armed People Have a Murder Rate Similar to Japan

April 20th 2018   Guns Are Dangerous, Ignorance Is Worse

April 18th 2018   The "Living" Constitution Is in Serious Condition

April 17th 2018   Council of Great City Schools Pushes Anti-Second Amendment Resolution

April 16th 2018   NPR: Silly Americans, You'll Never Use Your Gun for Self Defense

April 13th 2018   Just Burn a Witch to Stop Armed Murder

April 12th 2018   Holocaust Remembrance Day: Grieve or Rejoice?

April 11th 2018   Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th

April 11th 2018   The Second Amendment: Obstacle or Catalyst to Sensible Gun Legislation?

April 10th 2018   ATF Discovers a New Meaning of 'Automatic' to Regulate Bump-Stocks

April 9th 2018   Rolling Stone Crows about Using Emotion and Children to Push Irrational Agenda

April 6th 2018   Loss of Second Amendment, A Loss For Human Rights and Individuality

April 4th 2018   Korwin: Memo to Gun Ban Movement - Infringement Is Illegal!

April 3rd 2018   Beyond "gun control" (video)

April 2nd 2018   A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gun Control

March 28th 2018   Can Teachers Protect Our Students?

March 27th 2018   John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

March 26th 2018   Why American Jews should love the Second Amendment

March 23rd 2018   "A Solemn Pledge to Stop Encouraging Copycat Murders"

March 22nd 2018   An open letter to America's news-media leaders:

March 21st 2018   'Fisking' Dianne Feinstein's Gun Control Op-Ed

March 20th 2018   Advice from a Russian: Never Give Up Your Guns

March 19th 2018   Stop Disarming Willing Teachers

March 16th 2018   John Lott on Guns at School

March 14th 2018   Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership on Extreme Risk Protection Orders

March 13th 2018   Questions and Answers about Arming Teachers

March 12th 2018   America's Founders Didn't Intend Weak Weapons

March 9th 2018   Addressing school mass murders

March 7th 2018   Armed School Staff are the Last Responders

March 6th 2018   Mugging victim - glad he didn't have a gun!

March 5th 2018   New Logo for Civil-Rights Group

March 2nd 2018   Representative Massie Proposes Repeal of Gun-Free School Zone Act

February 28th 2018   Australia had no School Shootings Before Extreme Gun Restrictions

February 27th 2018   We Already Arm Teachers in Public Schools

February 26th 2018   There is No Surprise in Fl Mass Murder

February 23rd 2018   School murders and guns - a personal view

February 21st 2018   School Safety and the Placebo of Gun Control

February 20th 2018   There's a Way to Stop Mass Shootings, and You Won't Like It

February 19th 2018   Mass Media Complicit in Fl Mass Murder

February 16th 2018   Who is to Blame for School Shootings?

February 14th 2018   Anti-Background Check New York Times' Editorial is a Dangerous Damp Squib

February 13th 2018   Iowa Constitution Amendment to Protect Right to Arms Passes Committee

February 12th 2018   Illinois Supreme Court Rules ban on Guns within 1000 feet of Parks Unconstitutional

February 9th 2018   Left's Lie - No, you can't buy "automatic weapons" at a gun show

February 7th 2018   New York CCW Law Faces Legal Challenge

February 6th 2018   Hawaii continues it's assault against the 2A

February 5th 2018   The Washington Post Ignores Right to Bear Arms

February 2nd 2018   Media Fearmongers Over Utah's 'Stand Your Ground' Proposal

February 1st 2018   Promises "Totally" Made. Promises "Totally" Kept?

January 31st 2018   Taran Tactical Sponsored Shooter: "Gov't Should Take Away Our Guns to Make Us Safer"

January 30th 2018   Justifiable Homicides are Counted as Murder under the Felony Murder Rule

January 29th 2018   Know Your Backstop, Parma Man Accidentally Shot from Half Mile Away

January 26th 2018   Bump Stock Ban Dies In This State's House Subcommittee

January 24th 2018   Firearms - Security, Theft and Safety

January 23rd 2018   Gun parts confiscation begins in Massachusetts

January 22nd 2018   AL: Constitutional Carry on the Move

January 19th 2018   Politico: Don't Blame Mental Illness for Mass Shootings. Blame "Toxic Masculinity"

January 17th 2018   The Stupidity Of Internet Know-It-Alls

January 16th 2018   ATF Arrests for 2014,2015,2016; Four Crimes, Tiny Numbers

January 15th 2018   NJ Moves To Make Gun Buyback Events MANDATORY

January 12th 2018   Memorial to Mass Murder Encourages Copycats

January 10th 2018   The Leftist Obsession With 'Smart Guns'

January 9th 2018   KY: Bowling Green Eliminates Gun Ban in City Buildings

January 8th 2018   Why Warning Shots Are Such a Bad Idea

January 5th 2018   Dems learn it's harder to buy guns illegally online than they thought

January 3rd 2018   Shooting Down Fake News About Guns

January 2nd 2018   Second Amendment rights disqualifier overturned



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