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2017 Alerts

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2017 Alerts

December 29th 2017   When do we Talk About Politics and Guns?

December 28th 2017   Dem Commissioner calls for deploying UN troops on the streets of America

December 27th 2017   Coming up in the next Sentinel

December 26th 2017   Why Is It Comedians Think They're So Intelligent?

December 22nd 2017   Why Does Organized Medicine Hate Guns?

December 20th 2017   Junk Science: "Surge" of Accidental Gun Deaths After Sandy Hook

December 19th 2017   The Concealed vs. Open Carry 'Debate'

December 18th 2017   Not a Gunfighter, but a Defender- the changing face of gun culture

December 15th 2017   Celebrating Bill of Rights Day, Dec 15th

December 13th 2017   Some of 2017's ridiculous anti-gun moments

December 12th 2017   National Reciprocity Could Be the Biggest Boon to US Gun Rights

December 11th 2017   Mass Murder Limited By Legal Gun Owners

December 8th 2017   Pain therapy or self defense. A stark choice

December 6th 2017   The Power of Information and Perils of Registry

December 5th 2017   Student challenges no guns on campus

December 4th 2017   CCW Reciprocity approved by House panel

December 1st 2017   Hawaii - medical mariujana, no guns

November 29th 2017   More media 'fake news' about guns

November 28th 2017   SCOTUS Refuses Two Gun Cases

November 27th 2017   An anti ''assault'' broken record

November 24th 2017   Gun control zealots show firearms ignorance

November 22nd 2017   Semi-Auto Rifles: Common for 100 Years yet Mass Shooters are NOT

November 21st 2017   Op Ed shows how little gun grabbers understand 2A text

November 20th 2017   "Don't Fix NICS Background Check System!"

November 17th 2017   Winning the Gun Control Debate in Favor of Guns

November 15th 2017   Background Check System A Complete Mess

November 14th 2017   Boston Globe Calls For Gun Confiscation

November 13th 2017   Forming a Church Safety Team

November 10th 2017   Sympathies for the anti-gun freaks

November 9th 2017   Is Kristallnacht Deceptive?

November 8th 2017   Gun Control Failed Again at the First Baptist Church

November 7th 2017   Shannon Watts Claims There's No Background Checks For Long Guns In Texas

November 6th 2017   The State of Concealed and Open Carry in Churches

November 3rd 2017   York PA. The gun "buyback" farce

November 1st 2017   Gun Tracing Revisited

October 31st 2017   Report -- Most Guns Used In Chicago Crime Are Straw Buys

October 30th 2017   Harvard Professor Takes Issue With Firearms Training

October 27th 2017   Gun Laws Fail Again..and People Die

October 25th 2017   Fake News: "Unsecured Guns" Kill Kids

October 24th 2017   Crowder Challenges College Students To Change His Mind On Guns

October 23rd 2017   Let's Keep the Gun Control Laws That Work

October 20th 2017   The Real and Imaginary Dangers of Firearms Training

October 18th 2017   Gun Rights Are Women's Rights

October 17th 2017   JPFO Official Position On "Bump" Stocks

October 16th 2017   House Dems Introduce Bill To Ban Online Ammo Sales, Magazines

October 13th 2017   Guns and Violence -- A Bullet Point Reality Check

October 11th 2017   Lawsuit Over Las Vegas Shooting Tests Gun Industry's Immunity

October 10th 2017   Why Background Checks Are A Lie

October 9th 2017   The Culture War of Gun Control

October 6th 2017   Townhall's Schlichter: 'You Don't Get To Disarm Us. Not Ever'

October 4th 2017   Good Guy With A Gun Wouldn't Have Made A Difference in Vegas

October 3rd 2017   Tom Brokaw And 'Reasonable' Talk On Gun Control

October 2nd 2017   Pittsburgh City Council Member Wants to Ban Exercise of Second Amendment in Parks

September 29th 2017   Tell Me Again How Our Gun Laws Stop Crime

September 27th 2017   One Year Of Campus Carry On Texas Campuses, And How Many Problems?

September 26th 2017   Why Anti-Gun Echo Chambers Are Good News For The Second Amendment

September 25th 2017   Suicide and Guns: Maryland Study Debunks itself

September 22nd 2017   JPFO Calls For Statue Destruction

September 20th 2017   2A support? - 100%. Guns? Well, they're OK!

September 19th 2017   Why Firearm Preemption Laws Are Smart Policy

September 18th 2017   Why a Suppressor is Not a Silencer

September 15th 2017   American Bar Association Wants To Destroy Due Process For Gun Owners

September 13th 2017   July 2017 NICS Continue on Path to Second Highest Year Ever for Gun Sales

September 12th 2017   Hearing Protection Act Folded Into Hunting, Fishing Rights Bill

September 11th 2017   Little-Known Group Aims to End Private Gun Sales (and More) in Ohio (and Beyond)

September 8th 2017   Industry Group Makes Statement On Microstamping

September 6th 2017   JPFO Condemns Virgin Island Order To Confiscate Private Firearms

September 5th 2017   JPFO Responds To Charges That Trump Is Anti-Semitic

September 4th 2017   Why 'A Case For Gun Control' Isn't

September 1st 2017   Oregon Loses Key Gun Rights Overnight

August 30th 2017   The strange "Everytown mindset"

August 29th 2017   DC Wants To Takes Its Chance Before SCOTUS On This 2A Issue

August 28th 2017   CA: Keeping AR- style rifles through creativity

August 25th 2017   Government Fees Discourage Concealed Carry- summary

August 23rd 2017   Firearm Video Double Standards

August 22nd 2017   Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership Responds to Rise in Anti-Semitism

August 21st 2017   JPFO Challenges Reporters on Gun Licensing and Registration Issue

August 18th 2017   Australian Gun Culture: Prohibited Weapons in Australia

August 16th 2017   Baltimore's Latest Anti-Gun Scheme Won't Reduce Gun Violence

August 15th 2017   Stanford Professor Releases Misleading Research On Concealed Carry & NRA Calls Him Out

August 14th 2017   JPFO Gun Confiscation Clock Moves Closer to Midnight

August 11th 2017   California Politics- Of, By, and For the Elite

August 9th 2017   What A Backyard Submachine Gun Can Teach Us About Gun Laws

August 8th 2017   NJ Collected HOW MANY Guns in its Recent Buyback Program?

August 7th 2017   CBS Accidently Stumbles On Harsh Truth About Gun Laws

August 3rd 2017   Leveling the 2A playing field?

August 2nd 2017   College Student Op-Ed -- Why She Supports Campus Carry

July 31st 2017   What Criminals With Guns?

July 28th 2017   Why Smart Guns Are Incredibly Dumb: Hacker Cracks Smart Gun With $15 Magnets

July 26th 2017   Former Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean on True Anti-Gun Agenda

July 25th 2017   AZ: Department of Transportation adds Armed Driver Guidelines

July 24th 2017   Judge to Marine foster dad: Ditch guns or we'll take your boy

July 21st 2017   The Top Ten Things Gun Owners Want YOU to Know

July 19th 2017   Huffpo: 'Domestic Abuse Victims are Better Off Disarmed'

July 18th 2017   Run, Hide, Perish - Survival Do's and Don'ts from Across the Pond

July 17th 2017   California's continued attempts against the 2A

July 14th 2017   New Legislation Aims to Put Firearms Education in Wisconsin High Schools

July 12th 2017   Florida Open Carry Case Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

July 11th 2017   Ladd Everitt to Progressives: Violence is OK, Just Don't Buy a Gun

July 10th 2017   Anti-Second Amendment Academics Shot Down in Texas Campus Carry Case

July 7th 2017   Debunking Mother Jones' "10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down"

July 6th 2017   Pew Research Center Compares Male, Female Gun Owners

July 5th 2017   Controversial FL Judge Claims Legislature does not Have Power to Make "Stand Your Ground" Law

July 3rd 2017   The Second Amendment: A Primer

June 30th 2017   Pew Research Center's Latest Report Sheds Light on Firearms Ownership & More...

June 28th 2017   What the Second Amendment Means to Liberals

June 27th 2017   Supreme Court rejects gun rights appeal

June 26th 2017   An opinion on Australia's three reasons for 'gun control' failure

June 23rd 2017   'GunsDown' Says Parents Should be Stripped of Their Guns "For the Children"

June 21st 2017   Seattle gun tax failure? Firearm sales plummet, violence spikes after law passes

June 20th 2017   Jenn Jacques Takes on the Ladies of The View on 2A in the USA

June 19th 2017   Journalists Display Weapons-Grade Stupidity Identifying GOP Shooting Gun

June 16th 2017   Dana Loesch Straightens out Mark Glaze On Gun Control

June 14th 2017   How Easy Should It Be to Buy a Silencer for a Gun?

June 13th 2017   If We Talked About Cars the Way We Talk About Guns

June 12th 2017   Another Kansas Professor Resigns Over Campus Carry Law

June 7th 2017   The Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me

June 6th 2017   Judge Reaches Decision In Katie Couric Anti-Gun Documentary Debacle

June 5th 2017   PA - New bill would make gun owners protected class under state human rights act

June 2nd 2017   2A in the USA: Regulations Rundown From Coast to Coast

May 31st 2017   Armed Civilians Don't Train the Way They Fight, But They Will

May 30th 2017   Public Health Researchers Use Common Gun Control Tactic to Mislead on "Children" and Guns

May 29th 2017   OK: Governor Fallin Signs SB 35, Carry for People with Valid Military ID

May 26th 2017   2A Supporters Attack Biased Newsweek Article

May 24th 2017   Everytown Creates New Council Focused On the Arts

May 23rd 2017   Number of Carry Permits in the US Tops 15 Million in 2017

May 22nd 2017   California Releases Assault Weapons Ban Language

May 19th 2017   The paranoia of water guns

May 17th 2017   Smart Guns Prove People Aren't

May 16th 2017   Second Amendment case Peruta vs. California may be heading to Supreme Court

May 15th 2017   Bigotry and the failed fantasy of gun-control

May 12th 2017   Dealing with 'gun control' myths

May 10th 2017   Gun-Phobic Professor Leaves a University Because of Campus Carry

May 9th 2017   Middle Schooler Suspended for 10 Days for 'Liking' Pellet Gun Photo on Instagram

May 8th 2017   More Lives Are Saved by Defensive Gun Uses Than Taken by Criminal Gun Uses

May 5th 2017   NICS Background Checks Rebounding

May 3rd 2017   Amanda Marcotte: Anti-Gun Docs On Parade

May 2nd 2017   Infringing the Right to Bear Arms- you need a permit to do that

May 1st 2017   Most homicides in U.S. occurred in 5 percent of counties, says study

April 28th 2017   Check Out Gabby Giffords' Dumb New Anti-Gun Campaign

April 26th 2017   ATF Clarifies Legality of Pistol Arm Brace Use

April 25th 2017   Infringing the right to bear arms- You can't carry here

April 24th 2017   Disarming the Victim - The Latest Shots in the Democrat's War on Women

April 21st 2017   The importance of firearm security

April 19th 2017   The NRA's Gun Safety Rules Need Improvement

April 18th 2017   Requiring CCW for Employees: A Smart Move

April 17th 2017   The New York Times: Standing Ground Against the Truth

April 14th 2017   Stereotypes and Realities of Guns on Campus - What were you thinking?

April 12th 2017   Senators Push for Federally Funding Gun Control Research

April 11th 2017   Everytown Pledges $25 Million to Combat Concealed Carry Reciprocity

April 10th 2017   Guns Are Bullies! Facebook Comment of the Day

April 7th 2017   The ACLU Wants Your Children To Be Helpless Targets For School Shooters

April 5th 2017   "The Founders Couldn't Have Imagined 'Assault' Rifles," She Blogged

April 4th 2017   Top Three Worst States For Gun Rights

April 3rd 2017   The Problem with Averages in Understanding Guns, Violence, and Crime (Take 2)

March 31st 2017   5-Year-Old Girl Suspended from School for Holding a Stick that "Looked Like a Gun"

March 29th 2017   "Universal Background Checks" Stopped in New Mexico Legislature

March 28th 2017   NY Times Anti-Silencer Article Uses Argument Debunked by Washington Post

March 27th 2017   Violence and Utopia- Realism and Idealism in the age of gun control

March 24th 2017   4-Year-Old Preschool Boy Suspended for Bringing Shell Casing to School

March 22nd 2017   Senator Calls Nation's Oldest Civil Rights Group "Extreme."

March 21st 2017   Legislation to Protect the Legal Transport of Firearms Introduced

March 20th 2017   "Modernized" Undetectable Firearms Bill Would Outlaw Glocks, Many AR Clones

March 17th 2017   An Open Letter to Every "Mom" From a Victim Turned Survivor

March 15th 2017   NY Senator Wants To Ban Things She Doesn't Understand

March 14th 2017   PA Democrat Re-Launches Effort to Create Gun Registry

March 13th 2017   Judge Claims to Support Second Amendment, Just not the "Bear" part

March 10th 2017   What the Experts say about Self-Defense and Gun-Free Zones

March 8th 2017   Constitutional Carry Passes Committee in AL & SD

March 7th 2017   Idaho School District Moves Forward With Arming Teachers, Faculty

March 6th 2017   Is Gun Ownership a Right?

March 3rd 2017   John Lott Q&A: Anti-Gun Lies About Mass Shootings

March 1st 2017   Research By Gun Control Group Shockingly Comes To Predetermined Conclusion

February 28th 2017   The 'gun control' academic elites

February 27th 2017   VA: Governor McAuliffe vetoes Knife Law Reform

February 24th 2017   Ted Cruz: Defending the 2A

February 22nd 2017   Fourth Circuit Upholds Maryland Rifle, Magazine Ban

February 21st 2017   Media SKEWS Repeal of Gun Ban To Fit Their Agenda

February 20th 2017   Inside The Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate

February 17th 2017   Multnomah Declares War On Gun Owners

February 15th 2017   JPFO Breaks New Legal Ground

February 14th 2017   Utah's "Constitutional Carry" Bill Is MAJORLY Screwed Up

February 13th 2017   AP Gets It Wrong on Guns. Again

February 10th 2017   "Gun Control" fanatic's insane reasoning

February 8th 2017   Paper Reevaluates Current Firearms Regulations

February 7th 2017   Fake News - Social Security Gun Ban Repeal hysteria

February 6th 2017   Review: 1934 National Firearms Act, Original Bill and Hearings

February 3rd 2017   CPRC: Most Mass Shootings Occur Outside the U.S.

February 1st 2017   ND: Chances for Constitutional Carry?

January 31st 2017   NH - Proposed Voter Suppression for Second Amendment Practitioners

January 30th 2017   ATF makes it clear: Even legal marijuana users can't buy guns

January 27th 2017   Guns Belong on Campus ..and everywhere else

January 25th 2017   CA Gun Owners Are Already Subverting the State's Expanded Assault Weapons Ban

January 24th 2017   Liberal Churches are Confused About Evil and Guns

January 23rd 2017   The Supreme Court's Next Gun Battle

January 20th 2017   Pew Poll: Urban Officers favor People's Right to Arms

January 18th 2017   A rare university professor?

January 17th 2017   This Infographic Helps Put the AK-47 vs. AR-15 Debate to Rest

January 16th 2017   House Bill Would Disband Scandal-Plagued ATF

January 13th 2017   Bill Introduced to Repeal Gun-Free School Zones Federal Law

January 11th 2017   Schultz: Federal Government May Ban Passengers from Checking Guns in Baggage

January 10th 2017   The Anti-Safety Media Continues To Push This Lie About Silencers

January 9th 2017   Here's Why Liberals Are Suddenly Embracing The 2nd Amendment

January 6th 2017   The Good and Bad Of The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

January 4th 2017   Human Rights versus California Politicians - which right of self-defense do we have?

January 3rd 2017   Conservative Columnist Killed In Shooting At Maine Home

January 2nd 2017   Support is always greatly appreciated



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