February 12th 2014

Two Grand to be True

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The 1911 Pistols draw -- NOTE: Draw is now closed. The drawing is expected 2/8/14, and the winners will be announced soon after.


Indian women are suffering, just now, from a tremendous epidemic (if that's the proper expression) of gang-rape in their streets. Some Indian men believe, or so we are informed, that this is a time-honored tradition and an inalienable right.

So, with great fanfare, it was proclaimed throughout the land, that a solution had been found, and the Indian Ordnance Factory of Kanpur -- a wholly government-owned facility, of course -- would bring forth unto the people a mighty weapon of self-defense suitable for women. But here's the catch -- they are hand made, and only ten sold, at a price tag of $2,000! Some simple alternative would seem needed.

Neil Smith looks into this in quite some depth -->

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