January 21st 2014

Producer Harvey Weinstein warns Meryl Streep
movie will make NRA 'wish they weren't alive'

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NOTE: Two items today - first below, is an intro to an article by Emily Miller dealing with a crazy film producer. Second and somewhat related, a sound file for you to listen to (player follows first item) -- Charles Heller (Liberty Watch Radio) interviews Stephen Halbrook, the author of the explosive book "Gun Control in the Third Reich" which is a salutary documenting of how 'gun control' can preceed horrors. (The book is available from the JPFO Store)

Film producer Harvey Weinstein it seems has an idea to produce a movie drama, aimed at as he puts it, 'destroying the NRA'.

Here is a man who has made numerous films over time, many if not most featuring violence and, more importantly plenty of guns! So here is an example of a rabid gun hater, who wants them all banned and yet, someone who hypocritically seems content to promote their use in films as well as all the associated violence. Surely a gun-hating film maker with integrity would be true to his ideas and never use them in his productions?

Mr Weinstein might want to read up on history -->

An interview with Author Stephen Halbrook.

Also available on Talkin' to America.

Book Offer -- "Gun Control in the Third Reich",
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