January 26th 2014

Book Offer: Gun Control in the Third Reich

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JPFO now has some fresh stock coming in of this fascinating book, and it may be of interest to listen to a recent interview with the author Stephen Halbrook, on Charles Heller's Liberty Watch Radio.

Only a gun-nut alarmist—
would think scholar Stephen Halbrook's new book describes the upcoming gun confiscations in America.

So what if he carefully documents how Nazi Germany went down the exact same path America is going down, with never-seen-before top-secret WW II documents.

None of that will ever happen here. Our police forces and agents are kindly and generous.

Why would a rational person believe, just because Hitler used gun registration lists to identify, disarm and then murder millions, that anyone in America would ever do the same thing? That's crazy talk. No one here hates the Jews. Or blacks. Or Latinos. Or Christians.

We have very little hate here. We love each other. The FBI, ATF, NSA, IRS, SS, TSA, CIA… they're on our side. You have nothing to worry about. Trust us. Lay down your arms. Or you will be forced to. Don't worry. The man will protect you.

Gun Control in the Third Reich is the explosive new book that shocks you awake — and JPFO initially had just 100 advance copies — first come first served. Available from the JPFO Store

Available offers:
Just Book for sale by itself -- $21.95 incl S&H
New or 2 year renewal membership -- Book for $17.95 incl S&H
New or Upgrade to life or senior life membership -- Book is FREE

The Jews at JPFO have known about this all along. Now, a world-class scholar has put it in a book that reads like a Tom Clancy thriller. But it's all fact. Get yours. Read it — and you'll start waking up your neighbors. Available from the JPFO Store

Support the only gun-rights group that knows. Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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