January 22nd 2014

Collectors work crowds at gun
buyback events for rare finds

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There are numerous aspects to gun 'buybacks' -- first of all how can the event be a 'buyback' if the guns were never sold by the collecting agency! One often quoted reason for these events is "to get guns off the streets" -- as if criminals will hand in any viable weapons they have, which leaves pretty much honest folks who do not know better or just want to unload what they see as junk guns.

Over and above all this, we have the people who join the hand-in folks to work the lines and look to make some inexpensive purchases, on occasion actually finding and saving collectible specimens from destruction. They are not usually welcomed by organizers! In the article being shared, reference is made to a sum of $80,000 being expended by the police dept, at which point the event was cut short. It has to be wondered whether those funds are tax-payer money or not.

Gun "hand-ins" might be a better name -->

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