April 24th 2014

ATF, Obama Administration, Keep Tightening
the Screws by Executive Fiat

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Gun-rights advocates understandably pay close attention to proposed new gun laws at the federal, state, and in some cases local levels. What we must not forget, though, is that new laws are only one of the threats facing private gun ownership in the U.S. Given the political reality of a GOP majority in the House of Representatives, and therefore an at least theoretical, tepid "pro-gun" advantage there, new laws are not even the biggest threat at the national level.

An example is rabidly anti-gun Senator Dianne Feinstein's (D-CA) push to ban imports of semi-automatic, detachable magazine fed rifles ("assault weapons," in gun prohibitionist parlance). With no realistic prospect of passing an actual law banning so-called "assault weapons" in the foreseeable future, Feinstein and friends are hoping for the next "best" thing--driving the price up by prohibiting inexpensive imports, via the use of the pen Obama is so proud of ...... -->

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