January 6th 2014

Obama issues new executive actions on
background checks for gun purchases

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Here we go again! This time "strengthening" the federal background check system to "keep guns out of the wrong hands". This is all geared towards mental health issues but the thing is, we can be pretty sure that it will be designed as an improved "catch-all" for even the most insignificant sniff of what may be deemed as "mental health" issues.

On the one hand we might identify genuine cases of such things as paranoid schizophrenia - a genuine and sometimes dangerous condition. On the other hand we have what might be termed "trivia" -- and this is where the real danger comes in, with people being targeted just because they have had a slight case of depression, or military veterans who have admitted to even the mildest PTSD.

This is more 'thin-end-of-the-wedge' to advance freedom control -->

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