February 11th 2014

SAFE Act doesn't stop innovative New Yorkers

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The 1911 Pistols draw -- NOTE: Draw is now closed. The drawing is expected 2/8/14, and the winners will be announced soon after.


What makes the NY SAFE Act such a sad joke is that the prime focus has been on 'cosmetics', and so some creative thinking has been found to circumvent some of these stupid rules. It certainly may not be very pretty but function trumps beauty sometimes! The magazine issue is another matter. A few clips from the article are shown below.

By Jonathan S. February 7th, 2014.
Article Source

"The new gun law bans all kinds of semi-automatic rifles that have been labeled with the "assault" term even though these are very common rifles and are no more powerful than the average hunting rifle...."

"Features like adjustable stocks, pistols grips, and flash suppressors have been deemed to be unlawful on these rifles, mainly because it makes them LOOK mean. And we all know how little these anti-gun lawmakers really know about guns, as the "Ghost gun" video illustrated.... "

Let's just change some of those stupid 'cosmetics' -->

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