April 10th 2014

Paper's call for mutual tolerance
ignores its own attacks on gun owners

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A warm welcome back to David Codrea, who has been a long time friend of JPFO. He writes in considerable depth about the seeming hypocricy displayed by the Hartford Courant paper. On the one hand they may appear to be supportive of the Second Amendment (tending to ignore the fact that it does not confer any right privilege but rather, is there to safeguard a right from infringement.)

On the other hand, they appear to disregard history with respect to the effects of disarmament and the many examples of genocide through the years. Instead, they talk about such things as "reasonable" with regard to the 2A which includes government edicts to disarm citizens. This kind of two-faced approach is typical, as demonstrated by an administration that purports to honor the 2A and people's rights despite all the while attempting to demolish them.

David has the full measure of this double standard -->

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