February 2nd 2014

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

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The 1911 Pistols draw -- NOTE: Draw is now closed. The drawing is expected 2/8/14, and the winners will be announced soon after.


We seem to see more and more the erosion and attacks on basic privacy rights -- the NSA's stealthy data mining, executive orders enabling prying into medical records and, rather like last year when a newspaper published lists of gun owners, now a plan to expose state by state, a list of CCW permit holders (unwillinging registrants).

It is said that Civitas Media, a North Carolina chain of more than 100 papers and other publications, seemed to be considering plans to to do just that. Neil Smith digs deep into this and assumes very logically that the motivation for such behavior can only be a hatred of gun owners, combined probably with a total lack of respect for the Second Amendment.

Neil has some suggestions as well as views on the media --> 

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