January 3rd 2014

Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about
the future of the Second Amendment?

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This article was written back in July last year but is no less a thought-provoking subject, as the fight to protect the 2A continues. Several angles are discussed, as well as inclusion of some humorous items as well.

The map graphics (click on images to enlarge) do not appear totally accurate - for example PA now has Castle Doctrine. However, overall the general 'flavor' of state-by-state status is a useful guide as to how people's rights are either being respected (more or less!) or even near totally trashed!

There should be no need for any 'permits' of course to enjoy a right -->

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Useful quote --
"An efficient militia is authorized and contemplated by the Constitution and required by the spirit and safety of free government." -- James Madison

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