July 22nd 2014

Why I'm Jewish and believe in gun-rights


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We share a significant item (PDF file) written by a California Jewish lawyer. Below is an introduction included in a recent email - and a link to the file, which expresses very interesting opinions. Our thanks to the sender.

"A very thoughtful article from a refreshingly honest, closet-conservative, female, Jewish lawyer on the Left-coast. (A conservative in Marin County? Wow! She must be lonely.)"

"Only one small criticism. She understates government-genocides. JPFO. and other scholarly sources estimate between 160-million and 170-million unarmed civilians were murdered by governments during the 20th century alone - more than FIVE-TIMES the number of armed-combatants killed in all the wars of that same century."

"The United States was founded by people who were familiar with history, philosophy, law, and dangers of an unarmed civilian population. The Bill of Rights was written to limit the powers of the government they created, not to make more. Virtually all of the issues existing in the 1770's between the British Colonies in America and the British Crown could have been peacefully resolved.

Nearly everyone in the New World considered themselves loyal British subjects, and happy to be so. It was only when General Gauge sent armed British Regulars to confiscate civilian-owned arms that a shooting-war began. The Founders were familiar with what Britain had done to Ireland and other colonies; first disarming them, then taking their property and eventually all their rights. "Slavery" was the word British Colonists in America used. They believed for a free person to be disarmed was the beginning of slavery. Over 5,000 years of human history has proven them right" ....... -->

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