November 15th 2014

How the I-594 Gun Control Initiative
Passed in Washington State


On November 5th we published an article by Kurt Hoffman, looking ahead to the effects of any passing of Washington Initiative 594. Sad to say now, it would appear that massive fund injections (by Bloomberg, Gates, Ballmer, Allen, and Hanauer) to the anti-gun contingent have resulted in a pass with 60% of the vote. Apart from the huge financial support for this initiative, it seems also that use of deceptive ads swayed the majority of people who do not understand the law, making them think it was a good thing, despite opposition from law enforcement.
(The original article itself has over 100 comments.)

I-594 in Washington State is a horribly written initiative. It consists of 18 pages of legalese that seems more intent on trapping legal gun owners than on reducing violent crime. Yet, it passed with almost 60% of the vote. How did this happen? David Kopel did a thorough analysis of what happened. There is a long history of disarmist initiatives that have started with strong majority support in the polling, only to find on election day the support has evaporated and they lose by large margins. I had some hope that this might happen in Washington State with I-594. It did not. Here are the reasons that I believe that Second Amendment supporters lost this fight........... -->


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