June 13th 2014

Tell people who've saved their lives
with a gun "It never happens"


"Comedy is often rooted in truth,"CNN's "New Day Saturday" host Victor Blackwell joked with co-personality Christi Paul as the pair began a segment stumping for "gun control" by presenting a Daily Show sketch ridiculing open carriers. That disparagement through derision is Rule 5 in the late "community organizer" Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is not lost on those who know to look for such things, meaning most of the show's regular audience was probably oblivious to being manipulated.

It was a "humorous spin," Blackwell noted segueing into what they really wanted to spin, "on a story that a lot of people just don't find funny at all."

They were talking about Open Carry Texas and highly publicized incidents at restaurants like Chipotles, taking full advantage of the made-for media imagery. They were, according to Paul, "flaunting their firearms to advocate what's already legal, you know, in Texas, openly carrying long guns."...... -->

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