July 29th 2012

Suppose we just do like we've always done.

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Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, writes for Gulf1.com and we would like to share this piece from July 26th 2012. He explores the often asked question "would American troops actually fire on their fellow county-men? ", and some of his findings are distinctly chilling.

Go to read "the article" archived on JPFO and form your own opinion.

We would suggest you also check out two older but related JPFO items. One, an article dated way back in 1995, looks into the "Twenty-Nine Palms Survey" which deals in part with this same issue, in a "question 46". Further to that we carried out a poll in late 2009 - "If the order was given for the US military to confiscate your guns and you refused, do you think they would fire upon their own countrymen?". It appears to still be live and if the "View Results" button is selected it should bring up the statistics. It appears only a small percentage of voters was totally optimistic!

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