Where Do Criminals Get Their Guns?

Bruce Bialosky. August 28th, 2016

The anti-gun people want to limit law-abiding citizens from getting guns and now ammunition. The pro-gun people repeat over and over again "If you out law guns, only outlaws will have guns." They evidence that by activities that occur in European countries or that mass shootings typically occur in gun-restricted areas in the U.S. What is the truth? Where do criminals get their guns?

Surprisingly, there is no federal database or statewide databases that track these actions. This is despite the fact they often recover guns from crime scenes or subsequent arrests of the offending party. If the gun has a serial number, it can be traced to the federal database. If the serial number is ground off, one can assume the gun was acquired illegally. The studies done would be more comprehensive if guns left at the scenes of crimes or used by criminals killed in the process of committing a crime were included in the surveys to provide a more comprehensive picture .......

The anti-gun people are creating laws to restrict the activities of law-abiding citizens. That is because to stop the activities of criminals would be real work as opposed to law-abiding citizens who they can oppress with new laws because by definition they "follow the law." .......

You may disagree with some opinions expressed but overall the main point is quite simply that restricting law abiding people's rights is much easier than the hard work involved in enforcing exisiting laws against the criminals. In particular, it is blatently obvious that no amount of background checks will ever solve the problem of access to firearms by criminals, who have many ways to procure their guns.

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