How to drive up gun sales -
more 'gun control' laws

By AWR Hawkins. August 15th, 2016

Gun sales in California are on pace to break records -- perhaps even to reach 1 million sales by the end of calendar year 2016, according to Southern California Public Radio station KPCC.

There were 554,203 guns sold "through late July," which puts last year's annual sales figure of approximately 890,000 well within reach.

According to KPCC, the two biggest days for gun sales in California have been July 1 -- the day Governor Jerry Brown signed six new gun controls -- and July 2. The California Department of Justice's Dealer Record of Sales reported "5,907 sales" on July 1 -- with "61 sales ... still pending" -- and 5,612 sales on July 2.

The remainder of the top ten days of sales through late July all revolved around terror attacks and high-profile shootings. For example, the third and fourth highest days for sales came on July 7 and 8 -- an apparent reaction to the July 7 attack on Dallas police officers. Another day of record sales occurred immediately after the June 12 terror attack on the Pulse Orlando night club.

The commonality in these sales is a fear of more gun control.......

The last sentence pretty much sums things up, and is perhaps more relevant than just protection from extremist attacks. Over the last seven and a half years, gun sales have rocketed nationally for much the same reason, which is hardly surprising with the Damoclean sword of further 'gun control' hanging over everyone. Gun makers have never known such growth!

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