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Kasich's Second Amendment Problem

By Ken Klukowski. March 28th, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. --Governor John Kasich's hopes that he had overcome the anti-gun reputation he had earned for supporting the Clinton Gun Ban in 1994 may now be dashed, after he told two separate Sunday talk shows that he is considering nominating a Supreme Court justice who might abolish the Second Amendment.

While Kasich often calls himself a conservative when running in GOP primaries, those familiar with his record say he is the epitome of an establishment moderate. He joined Obamacare by forcing through its Medicaid expansion over the opposition of the Ohio legislature, supports Common Core, tells conservatives that they need to drop opposition to same-sex marriage, and even believes that Christian bakers who still support traditional marriage should be required to bake cakes for same-sex weddings that violate their faith.

But in recent years, one issue on which Kasich had followed the conservative line is the right to keep and bear arms. In a testament to the National Rifle Association's political prowess and strategic planning, there are few parts of the country where Republicans can win primaries without pledging support for the Second Amendment. The same holds true even for Democrats in the general elections of many states.

This was a problem for Kasich, because in 1994--before the NRA conclusively proved they had mastered the ability to mobilize gun-rights supporters--Kasich voted for the Clinton Gun Ban. .......

Some rather deserved skepticism discussed here. Perhaps this is a case where media recordings and archive material actually help to show true colors, despite often being told that there is full support for the Second Amendment. The common ploy so often used is to say what it is reckoned folks want to hear to garner support!

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