Mexico Looking At
The Second Amendment?

Posted by Dean Weingarten on October 11th, 2016

Mexico had a flourishing, legal, gun culture until 1972, when the Mexican government made private, legal, ownership of guns extremely difficult and expensive. The change in law was meant to disarm the political opposition and keep the existing power structure in place. The power structure has remained in place, but it has not flourished. Much of Mexico is contested ground, with narco-cartels that are not aligned with the Mexican government in armed conflict with the Government and its cartel allies. Private citizens are caught in the crossfire, abused by both sides, and denied the legal ability to arm themselves.

There are plenty of firearms in Mexico. Most of them are illegal. It degrades what respect for law there is by Mexican citizens. A Mexican senator wants to change that. From

............ Preciado stated that Mexicans, too, "have the right to legitimate self-defense, and if a criminal enters my house or my business, he should at least know that on the other side there could be someone that has a weapon with which to respond ... because we have organized groups that are completely armed and we have a society that is in a complete state of defenselessness." ......

After more than four decades of a ban on civilian gun ownership, it is perhaps surprising to read about a Mexican senator who sees the logic in a legally armed populace. With the climate of active drug cartels and associated shooting violence, it would seem to make sound sense for good people to be armed. Whether this will gain any traction remains to be seen.

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