Understanding The Recent
Rise In Concealed Carry

By Beth Baumann. March 26th, 2016

In light of the recent San Bernardino terrorist attacks, many states are beginning to relax their restrictions on concealed carry weapons (CCWs). Because of this change in policy, in combination with the December tragedy, Americans are purchasing smaller guns that can be used as CCWs. The reason people are moving to smaller guns? It's easier to store, conceal and find concealed carry holsters that don't leave an imprint.

When the San Bernardino attack took place, I was working a couple freeway exits up from Inland Regional Hospital (IRC). I saw the community come together to support one another, but I also saw something completely different: a community that was fairly against guns -- particularly CCWs -- becoming suddenly fond of the idea of packing. It took the death of 14 people and a national tragedy to make an anti-gun community open their eyes to the possibility -- and probability -- of becoming law-abiding, concealed carrying citizens.

In the days and weeks after the horrific event took place, people began flocking to the county Sheriff's office, requesting their own concealed carry permit. By late last month, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's office had a backlog of concealed carry permit requests; their CCW applications increased by nine-fold. .......

The near threefold increase in CCW uptake since 2008 is analyzed from several perspectives. One is the feeling of insecurity regarding possible terroristic attacks but also, a distinct discomfort with the administration's constant pressure on 'gun control'. The trend is a welcome one and it is hoped it may continue to apply pressure with regard to the continued over-existence of 'gun-free-zones'. The battle to preserve and maintain the Second Amendment must continue with ever more fervor.

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