Are These Robots the Future of Gun Control?

By Jenn Jacques. October 29th, 2016

Who knew R2D2 loved gun control?!

The Mountain View startup company Knightscope currently has a line of Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) capable of taking 360-degree HD video, detecting physical presence, and recognizing license plates and faces. K5s have broadcasting and sophisticated monitoring capabilities to keep public spaces, such as malls and office buildings, monitored for crime as they rove through open areas, halls and corridors working to detect suspicious activity, and could soon be able to detect your gun.

What started as an idea to build a predictive network of using robots for crime prevention by Stacey Dean Stephens, a former law enforcement agent, and his co-founder William Li, has taken a sharp left across law-abiding citizens' right to carry............

..............But what about legal gun owners and concealed carry permit holders? Obviously, R2D2 here wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a criminal thug and a law-abiding citizen, making them dangerous to our right to keep and bear arms. ......

As technology goes on expanding, we see more and more autonomous machines - some superficially perhaps classed as altruistic designs for 'crime fighting'. However, such things are hardly much use if they cannot differentiate between the good guys and the bad. Overall, such robots only serve to further increase the "Big Brother" environment, presenting significant potential risk toward the rights of good people.

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