New England Journal of Medicine:
Doctor Knows Best! Gun Control for Everyone!

By Robert Farago. June 27th, 2016

"Gun violence in the United States is a complicated problem," a triage of doctors write at The New England Journal of Medicine. "In fact, it is four complicated problems: mass shootings, suicides that account for two thirds of gun deaths in the United States, homicides and gun-related injuries like those tearing apart the city of Chicago, and accidental shootings that occur when, for instance, toddlers find a parent's gun and kill themselves, a sibling, or a parent. Any group -- on any part of the political spectrum -- promising an easy solution and speaking in absolutes does not grasp the reality."

So guess what the NEJM editorialists proceed to do? You got it! Speak in absolutes. Like this:

The devastation wrought by firearms is not inevitable, and to consider this scale of death the price of freedom is a perversion of the notion of liberty. Although these four types of gun violence have varied root causes and solutions, easy access to guns is a unifying thread. Indeed, however virulent Omar Mateen's possibly mixed motivations may have been, they would not have resulted in the deaths of 49 people and the injuring of 53 more if he hadn't been able to obtain an assault-style rifle.

Absolute nonsense. For one thing, Omar Mateen could have used any number of methods to kill and injure dozens of innocents, just as Julio González used a plastic gas can and a match to kill 87 people at a Manhattan nightclub club in 1990. .....

Are doctors perhaps forgetting death rates due medical malpractice? Possibly around a quarter million per year. Perhaps they should concentrate on fixing that before pontificating about guns - a subject about which they know very little except for their imagined benefit from banning those "awful 'assault' weapons". Of course, trying to teach these doctors logic on this subject is about as impossible as trying to teach fluent Swahili to a three year old.

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