Were Katie Couric's Shady Guns
Actually Destroyed By Police?

Katie Couric's producer says the guns she trafficked
were turned over to police and destroyed, but a 2013
Arizona gun law makes that extremely unlikely.

By Alan Korwin. June 7th, 2016

The new claim by Katie Couric's documentary producer Stephanie Soechtig that guns she arranged to purchase in Arizona have been destroyed is in conflict with Arizona law that protects such public property once it is turned over to police.

In a frantic effort to cover her tracks and "make good" on a failed attempt to paint gun owners in an ignorant light, Couric and her producer Stephanie Soechtig and team have apparently committed conspiracy and multiple federal felonies. Buying firearms privately without paperwork or background checks across state lines violates federal statute (18 USC §922 et seq.). Private sales among law-abiding resident adults within a state such as Arizona are perfectly legal under most conditions since no criminal activity is involved. Couric's team reportedly came from outside the state to commit the acts. Some observers believe the laws Couric could be charged under are unjust and should be repealed.

Couric's team has now claimed the firearms they bought, with videotape evidence of the purchase (the exact number of guns purchased is now disputed by the team's own changing accounts), have been destroyed by police. The generic term "police" could refer to numerous state and federal agencies, which have not been clearly identified. But it would appear impossible for these firearms to have been destroyed, as Couric's team claims. .....

It would appear yet again, that anti-gun people or groups will stop at nothing to further their agenda. In the process however, sometimes boundaries get crossed that go beyond being strictly legal, but then perhaps no surprise there, after all the end justifies the means for some! The battle against such duplicity must continue in order to expose it to the full and protect our innate rights.

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