Seems Gun Laws Don't Apply if
You Advocate For Gun Control

By Tony Oliva. September 23rd, 2016

Gun control is the only law that points to its abject failure as reason to have MORE gun control.

Not only does it do nothing to stop actual criminals, but the blatant disproportion to which it gets enforced is disgusting.

If you go through the archives of Bullets First searching for people being railroaded you will see numerous examples of otherwise law abiding citizens getting jammed up because of some asinine law that culminates in the gun controllers ultimate objective, to try and harass law abiding gun ownership out of existence.

On the other hand, if you are a supporter of gun control you need not worry about actually following the law because law enforcement will happily turn a blind eye to your criminal ways were as if you were a gun rights supporter they would try and find the nearest stake in which to burn you at.

One of the most notable and public displays of this hypocrisy is when NBC journalist David Gregory knowingly broke the law and had in his possession a "high capacity magazine" (anything over the arbitrary 10 rounds) while using it to try and browbeat NRA's Wayne LaPierre. There was no exemption in the law for journalists and as such Gregory should have been charged with a crime that carries a $1000 fine as well as a year in jail.

Outcome? Nothing happened. The District of Columbia ruled that its ok to break the law because David Gregory believes in gun control.

Something more recent just happened in Oregon and once again illustrates not only the idiocy of gun control but also the hypocritical way it is dispensed.

A pastor from suburban Portland hates guns so much he took $3000 out of the churches funds to buy lottery tickets for an AR-15, with the hopes of "keeping it off the streets." .......

When it comes to those who rabidly promote 'gun control' there seems no limit sometimes to their ability to avoid prosecution when they break the law. It is all too common to see "one law for them, and one law for everyone else". For the average Joe, even minor firearms violations can often be taken to extremes, manipulating low level misdemeanors into full blown felonies - and the excuse then to deprive them of their right to bear arms. This is the skewed 'justice' of 'gun control'.

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